Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, here I am

Whew, setting these things up is a bugger! Blogs I follow, links, About Me, photos (or not), lists, stuff...that just takes HOURS and HOURS. Finding the right template (for now) until I learn how to make my own.

Deciding just what I will post and what I won't. Deciding if I am going to worry about embarrassing my kids (nah, why stop now?) Not quite sure where this blog is heading or will end up. There are so many things that I am interested in...sometimes I think that, along with youth, college is wasted on the young. Or maybe since I didn't know what I really wanted to do in college, I missed out on a lot. It would have been nice to indulge all my interests...although I can do that now at our local university.

Guess an intro might be in order. Just an ordinary wife and mom, trying to get through the days with my sense of humor intact (some days that is harder than others). Specialist is my oldest son who is in the Army...his name here will change as his rank does ;D, College Dude is #2 son, Snickerdoodle is my oldest daughter and Sunshine/Punkin is my youngest daughter. Yes, I am aware that is only 4 kids...we lost our middle child and youngest son in 1993 to a undetected chromosonal birth defect. Tim would turn 16 in March. Hubby will probably go by Cabinetry Man...or something like that. I'll need to find a good name for him. He has a custom cabinetry and furniture business, so suggestions are always welcome.

There are two dogs in the family, Caleb and Jessica. Both Australian Cattle Dogs. One blue and one red. The blue is Jess and the red is Caleb. Pictures of them will follow at some point. We also have a long-haired domestic cat that belongs to Snickerdoodle. Our pets are not entirely normal. We have generally arrived at the conclusion that they are weird because WE are weird. That's okay, it keeps us from being bored.

We live in a small city in northern Colorado, moving back here after stints back home in Texas, North Carolina and now here. We lived here when DH was in grad school and always regretted leaving. We've been back for 7 years now and love it. Right now we've got snow on the ground, Sunshine is in bed, Snickerdoodle is heading that way and who knows when College Dude and Specialist get to bed.

Well, I guess we'll see where this blog journey takes me...and I certainly hope we have fun at it.