Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 28th Anniversary to us!

28th anniversary on the 28th. Didn't realize that was going to happen until yesterday.

Anyway, lovely day. We went out for breakfast at our favorite little place locally, McCoy's. I wish they had a would be so great to share with ya'll. I could have taken some pics...duh. Anyway, Athens omelet with spinach, olives, tomatoes and feta cheese. I just wish there was some place that we could find grits. Besides our house, I mean.

After breakfast we went by Best Buy and I picked out a new phone. They didn't have a pink one, so I chose an LG...very nice. I wanted a blue one, so it's coming up from Denver. The sales guy was pretty funny.

SG: We have silver ones, but there is not a blue one in the area.
Me: What's the area?
SG: Longmont, Loveland, Greeley and here.
Me: Anything in Denver?
SG: Yes, but it will take a few days.
Me: Verizon has been telling me for 7 months that I am eligible for an upgrade so I can probably live another 5 days without a new phone.
SG: Oh, okay.
Me: (turning my back and rolling my eyes)

So, new phone ordered. We discussed what to do for the day and decide to drive up to Estes. We go by the house to grab jackets and give the kids directions for the day. There are a couple of routes we can take, so we decided to take the long way. So we went out Rist Canyon and talked about the differences from our last trip and decided that it's probably been two years since we had been up there...deciding that it had been probably two years. Once you get over the ridge, there is a difference. One side is green and tree covered, the other side is more arid, lots fewer trees. We saw a lot more For Sale signs than the last time and new construction. The roads were in very good shape. Most of the storms coming through have been fast moving ones and they've dumped snow to the north and south of us. We've had a pretty dry winter down here in the foothills, but they've had some good snow up in the mountains. And it was a beautiful drive.

I'm sure a number of people built their dream homes up there, but when gas prices were pushed so artificially high in 2008...they realized that living up in the mountains is harder than it seemed. You really have to be prepared mentally for it. When the snows start, your commute get a LOT longer. Dealing with having to leave a lot earlier in the mornings, during school days your kids have to be prepared to leave to. If you are adding an extra 2 hours to your days....that's hard. The county does a sensational job keeping the roads clear as the school buses have to take them. They actually do a better job at maintenance than the city does. But if your kids go to schools that the bus doesn't service. Getting home and then fixing dinner, doing homework, etc. There was a time when we would have done it, but right now it's not sensible.

We got through Masonville and turned by the Merchantile. I'll go back one day and take pictures of it....sheer delight. But once we turned up into Thompson Canyon and the hills get REALLY high and sheer. As we went up and around the curves, the cars in front of us slowed and slowed...aggravating...until we came around the curve and realized what everyone had slowed for...about a half dozen bighorn sheep. Probably yearlings...those horns were so cute...and short for now. I guess I need to do some research on them to see if males and females both have horns, just the males. And of course, we just have camera phones with us (along with the other cars...ONE of them had a real camera) So we pulled over like everyone else and pulled out our phones and took pics. For some reason my phone doesn't want to send them tonight so I have to try it again tomorrow. But I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

We pull back on the road and head back up. There is still some snow on the south (?) side of the roads...the mountains are to the west of us but once you are actually in them...I have NO idea which direction is which. So, we'll just say south ;D. We came up around the road and could see the snow covered Mummy Range in the hills. It was gorgeous. I forget the name of the road along there but I looked up and saw some elk crossing the road...looked over to my left and saw the rest of the herd. Probably about 150 or so in the herd there, and then others up higher in the fields. I have no idea the name of the ranch but it's gorgeous. I really need to go back up there and take some pics of the B&B along there. There are actually several up there...stunning. I can't wait to go inside.

We got into Estes shortly after 1, parked (it was amazing...we saw a spot--one of two in the row--and decided that we could pull in to that one...there was another truck that started down that row and began to pull into the place...we'd just decided that we'd take the one 3 cards down...little harder to get in to. The driver looked up and saw us and BACKED OUT OF THE SPOT and motioned for us to take it! I honestly can't remember the last time that happened, if ever. Particularly in CO.

We went parked, and walked down the sidewalk to Penelope's and had hot dogs. How romantic can you get? We walked on down...Estes has some of the loveliest shops and, in what has become my mantra in this post, we'll go back up and I'll take pics. We went into the Church Shops there...tiny 'mall' with about a half dozen shops and a restaurant. I was looking fora little pewter unicorn. I had one that I got in about '78 or 79 in College Station. I can't remember the name of the little shop, but he was only a couple of dollars. Seated, with the goofiest look on his face. I fell in love and named him Phred. Phred went to college with me, back home, got married and to all my jobs. He used to sit on my computer monitors. Once I 'retired', he sat on my some point he'd lost about half his horn, but I loved him. He'd disappear at times, but I did manage to find him again...not sure where he is right now, so I wanted a new one. I'd seen one up there several years ago but, as the retail business goes, I guess the place went out of business. We went in probably every store there that had pewter and no luck. However, in the Irish shop in the Church Shops, Cabinet Man found a very similar one in resin, I guess. I still wanted to find a pewter one, so we looked. And found the ice cream store was now carrying BLUE BELL! Heavenly. Went into one little store that was pretty crowded, etc. I'd have loved to get my hands on the stuff, display those quilts, etc...and declutter. Chatted with the proprietress (isn't that a lovely word?) about the old quilt hanging in the back that she was restoring. Civil War era. In remarkably good shape, it was longer than they usually are, but they were made longer for the soldiers' beds. So she'd taken two rows off the bottom and moved them to the side to make it wider. She was also having to find another blue that would give her enough to replace some. She was probably going to back it with muslin. I'll go back up in April or so and see if she has finished it. I want to go before the season starts up's TOO busy then.

We didn't find the pewter unicorn, so went back to the Irish shop to buy that one. He was still there, and we got to chatting with the proprietress. (love it again). I had not noticed...but her dog was lying over in the back. Leer, her Irish wolfhound...right at a year old...150 lbs of absolute sweetness. VERY gentle...I couldn't get him to come over and see me...too much effort. Apparently he was sulking 'cause she put him on a 'leash' (it was a string, the silly baby). He'll grow for another year. Again, want to go back up there with the camera and get some pics of him. She gave us the names of a couple of breeders. We don't want a show quality dog, just a family dog...eventually.

After stopping for Blue Bell ice cream cone, we came home. 28 years of, downs, ins and outs....wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. No one else, no place.

Well, time to close this one. I'll post pics as soon as I can get the pics uploaded. Both dogs and Prince Charming have fallen asleep...and two of the three are snoring....;D

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spelling and such

What happened to grammar and spelling? I was visiting another blog today and one of her archived posts caught my attention big time. She was talking about different signs she had seen with grammatical and spelling errors. This stuff drives me nuts. My dad taught English in OCS at Ft. Benning decades ago. We never turned in a 'rough draft' for him to review as he corrected spelling, grammar, etc., even when it was just for content! He sent a few of my older sister's letters back to her with corrections ;D When I was in HS he would get the paper from the small town where he grew up in W. Texas. I'd grab the local paper and we'd scan them for typos, etc. Just as a game. That led to my almost unnatural ability to proofread...there are times when I will tell you that something is incorrect grammatically or spelling-wise, but I cannot tell you why. Drives my kids crazy. Go look it up. I've told storekeepers, the doofus behind the counter at Starbucks that his sign was wrong and he tried to argue with me. I started using bigger words and he shut up and fixed it. Texas accent does not equal stupid, son.

My company does road construction and I spent two days this week faxing bids out to potential subcontractors. The state has certain requirements, so it takes me 2 days to fax them all out (I'm waiting to hear if I can use email exclusively), then I have to CALL all the ones (approximately 90%) that don't reply although the fax TELLS THEM TO. I received this one in return.

We will not bid to _________ until previous litagation is setteled. For none payment.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to type that and NOT correct it, much less allow the spellcheck to do so?

Frankly, the only reason that they got a bid invitation was because they are on the state list and we are required to. So it just goes into their folder. We had already said that the last job was the LAST one we would use them on. And why are they on the list? They declared bankruptcy last year? And no, we don't owe them money. They screwed up and expect us to pay for it.

College Dude and activists

College Dude is has had his 'encounters' with the activists and others at his university. Spring is approaching, so he is gearing up and honing his comments for them. You'd think by now word would have gotten out about this kid.

A few examples of the past 5 years or so. Few years ago he was in the lovely downtown part of our small city called Old Town. Lovely summer day, not too hot and the girls are out in droves, wearing what teen girls these days wear (or don't wear, but that's another post). And several young men were hanging out, making rude comments. To my mind, that is not acceptable under any circumstances. But it is to be expected when you are running around with no bra, pants that leave nothing to the imagination that are cut down to your crack in the back and the front requires daily waxing/shaving/electrolysis, whatever your choice. My son and his friend (both of them very slight, my son is just taller) overhear the comments. When the young women are a bit further down, my son confronts these college students who could tear him apart with no effort. He lit into them for talking about the girls (total strangers also) like that. They are someone's daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend and those people wouldn't like to hear their loved ones talked about in that fashion. His friend is behind him, muttering, 'we're gonna die'. My son finishes his talk, and stalks off, leaving them with their mouths open. He stops short, turns back around and commands them, "And pull up your pants! No one wants to see your wankers!" He then left again...and they were actually pulling up their pants!

College Dude was sitting on a wall at campus last fall, pre-election time. He had some time before class and was sitting there, trimming the loose threads on his shorts with a knife that he carries. A student activist approached him and asked him if he was registered to vote (mind ya'll, he'd been approached almost hourly for weeks). The conversation went thus:

CD: (head down still) Yes I am.
Student Activist: Have you decided who to vote for? (Note at this point that he had a shirt on for a candidate we did not support...I'll leave you to decide who ;D)
CD: Whoever my mommy tells me to.
SA: What?
CD: I'll vote for whoever my mommy tells me to.
SA: Are you serious?
CD: Yes.
SA: That's stupid. Don't you care?
CD: Yeah. My mommy does all the research and looks at everything, then she tells me who I need to vote for and so I do.
At this point, the student activist is livid. He begins berating my son, calling him names and generally being an idiot. CD never looks up, he just calmly keeps trimming threads on his shorts. Finally, the idiot runs down and stands there. CD closes his knife and stands up and picks up his backpack...apparently he is several inches taller than the idiot, so he sort of stands up and up and up...CD looks down at the idiot and says, did you seriously think that tirade would convince me that I should vote for YOUR GUY?

You'd think the PETA people in this town would communicate. There can't be that many of them. Encounter at mall....

PETA: Can I talk to you?
CD: No.
PETA: Don't you like animals?
CD: Yeah, we have pets.
PETA: And you eat meat?
CD: Yep, love it.
PETA: What! That's wrong! Would you eat your neighbors?
CD: (pauses as if in thought) Yep, we could get a number of meals off one household.
PETA: (very outraged) Would you eat your pets?
CD: If I was hungry enough.

Same day at the mall. Someone was passing out flyers and information and coupons for a free back adjustment at a chiropractor. We don't do chiropractors. They can do wonderful things and have been helpful to family members and I used to go. Operative words being "used to". Upper neck adjustment...stroke, 3 or 4 days in the hospital, certain permanent we don't go. But we don't noise it around either. I was 7 years post-stroke when we moved here so not many people know....or knew until my neighbor had one. Anyway, they approached CD about going. He was trying to avoid the guy, but you know how they are...

Marketer: Would you like a coupon.
CD: No thanks (at least he is polite)
Marketer: Are you sure? A free adjustment.
CD: No, thank you.
Marketer: Have you ever been to a chiropractor (not the right question to ask)
CD: We don't mom had a stroke when I was 7 caused by a chiropractor (which comment cause another couple standing nearby to go into the Sleep Comfort Store)
Marketer: Oh.
CD: Thanks anyway.

On campus. There is a unspoken 'law' on campus that if you are on your phone or have earphones/earbuds in, you are left alone. This Greepeace guy didn't get the memo. CD saw the guy and angled off and Greenpeace still came after him.

GP: I'd like to talk to you about the environment.
CD: No thanks.
GP: Don't you care about the environment?
CD: Nope.
GP: string of obscenities.
CD: Back atcha.
walks off.

And this kid won't let me hang out on campus with him......he ruins ALL my fun.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring and Summer projects

Well, it's time to start planning for the spring and summer projects. I'll have work space in the shop bay at work if I need it...and I will. I can spread stuff out and let it sit up to dry.

So, I need to paint Sunshine's bed white...she wants an applique on it, so we've looked. Bad idea to take an 8 YO to look at appliques for her bed. She picked out about 6 different ones and I told her that I was not going to put all those on her bed. It would go from girly to tacky. I think I convinced her....but Specialist's bed is out in the garage so I'm going to bring that in and paint it also. I wanted to distress it a little, but she wants it to look new. Oh well. Then we'll decide if we're going to do bunk beds or have them down for twin beds...I think the bunks would fit better. And there is the warmest, COZIEST guest bunks that I have ever seen over at Jewel Box homes and I can't find it! It was so cozy, warm drapes and dark colors for the bunks, a shelf and light for each bunk. I'd love to go visit there.

I need to get the loft sofa slipcovered, which will be a new challenge for me. I've not done much sewing in the last 10 years, so apparently I am feeling ambitious ;) I want to paint the loft and den area and do SOMETHING int he kitchen. I've been told by Cabinet Man that I can't paint the kitchen cabinets (we rent) and his brother (who has been in home building for years) both told me that refinishing the cabinets. I've been cleaning them fairly regularly, but I picked up some of those cleaning sponge's pretty embarassing. OTOH, I can watch a dvd and clean the cabinets. When I am finished with them, CM will take them over to the shop and spray them. I was at a friend's house last Sat and her cabinets look really nice, but they are much newer, ours are original build. Let's say, original builders' grade cabinets. I would like to see about painting the countertops. I'll be doing some decluttering in the kitchen....countertops aren't really spacious. I'm also going to keep an eye out on freecycle, craigslist, and the recycle shops and Habitat and see if I can find something else to use in there for storage.

Oh yeah, Cabinet Man got his office cleaned out...I think 'cause I threatened to do it myself. ;D And I told him I would like the garage cleared out in 6 months. I would like to use half of it for sewing/crafting and the other half for storage.

Wow, I need to make a real list and post it to keep track....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Attention Shoplifters

If you feel you have to stoop to shoplifting in a store that funnels donations to the Epilepsy Foundation, get a second job. SHAME on you. Especially if you have your two daughters with you, elementary and middle or high school age. Especially if you then leave the store with the 3 items you didn’t switch tags on and climb into a ginormous late model crew cab pickup truck. Your total purchases (before you switched tags) would have been less than $15. SHAME on you.

As you can guess, I went thrifting this weekend. I was in a local shop, Savers. Savers supports the Epilepsy Foundation. We do have Goodwill also, but I prefer Savers, since there is not a Salvation Army shop locally. They get most of my donations (it is a real kick to go in there and see something for sale that you donated and know that it is marked for more than you paid—so pay attention to labels, tags, and manufacturing details. I picked up my cute little aluminum stovetop coffee pot (when revealed at home, the kids broke into song “All I want is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot…” What can I say, I have weird children.) I also picked up two silver casserole holders. I am sure there is a better name for them, but they are used to hold glass casserole dishes to look pretty on the table. One is around 5”x 9” and other is larger with a lid. I think they’ll be lovely when polished. Need to go shopping at the recycle shed at the dump to get some silver polish. I know there was some there.

I was standing in line and the aforementioned shoplifter and her daughters were having their items scanned. Be aware that anything with an orange tag was 50% off. Her SIX ITEMS were all orange tagged by the time she went to pay.

Casher: Oops, this one is mislabeled, so I cannot sell it to you at this price. I have to ring it at the original price, and then deduct the 50%.
Thief: What?
Cashier: It was mislabeled. It happens sometimes. See, the tag shows that it should be miscellaneous, but it is women’s pants. Do you still want them?
Criminal: (mutters to her HS age daughter as cashier holds the pants up) No.
(My Spanish is very little and years ago, but the tone & words I caught sounded like she was fussing at her daughter)
Cashier: Okay. (scanner buzzes) Hmmm, we have another piece that is mistagged…this is supposed to be on a long sleeved ladies shirt. It will be like the other piece, the original price, then 50% off. (calls to manager) Shirley, what would the price on these be?
Shirley: $7.99 (so we’re talking $3.50 as they were going to give her the discount)
Cashier: Do you want them?
Crook: No (fusses at her daughter again)
In the meantime, the woman behind me in line and I are talking…I’d already told her that the pants she was getting would look really cute on her and her butt was not too big for them… Anyway, we decided that the robber wannabe had changed the labels, the manager overheard us and agreed)
Cashier: Okay, we have another mislabeled piece here. Same thing. Do you want it?
Swindler: (mutters) No.
Cashier: Okay, if you don’t want these pieces, I’ll hand them to Shirley so she can relabel them. Let’s finish here.
The following 3 items actually had the stickers ON the object so they couldn’t be changed. Although when the cashier said the item and price, I spoke up and told her no, that was a short sleeved shirt. (So I get snotty at times)
The Cheat and her children took the bag and left, getting into the vehicle that was roughly $35K a couple of years ago, 4 WD…appeared to be loaded. In talked with the manager, turns out she had been eying the woman and her daughter due to their behavior already. The cashier handled the situation professionally and beautifully. We complimented her AND let her manager know what a great job she did.

A lesson or two here. First, if you are going to change the labels ‘cause you are too cheap to pay the prices in the thrift store, make sure that you change like labelsf or like , i.e., pants label for another pants label. And don’t buy just a few items and change the labels on half of it. It looks SUSPICIOUS. We all know that things can accidentally get mislabeled, but when you bring up six items and three are mislabeled, that’s just stupid and obvious. Second, don’t bring your underage children along. When you are arrested, CPS takes your kids to foster care for the night, then there is a whole ordeal there. That younger daughter didn’t deserve that, although it would have served the teen right. Third, don’t rip off a thrift store that counts on retail sales for support of a charity. The people receiving help from the charity depend on it. Your thieving, selfish, self-centered ways mean that they might not be able to help as many people. And you’d better pray you never need their help, as you might be the one they can’t afford to help.

Your mama should have raised you better, and you should be raising your kids better.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Dream of the Room

I was just over at Rhoda's http://southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot, and went over her entire tour of her beachy guest's dreamy. I've been wanting to do something similar in our den...which is in sore need of something! Maybe with a cottage-y twist to it. Cindy over at has the loveliest little place. Maybe a combo of the two? We rent our house, but we've been here 7 years, so maybe it's time to do a little more. Snickerdoodle painted her bedroom in lavender and white stripes a few years ago...she did a great job. Can't talk her into doing some sort of border at the top but, it's her room. She rearranges it periodically (wonder where she gets that). I painted Sunshine's bedroom several years ago too...light pink and the ceiling is very pale pink. The girls were in Tx so I took advantage of a long weekend. I plugged in a Clive Cussler book on a CD and painted away. I did their bathroom also in a vanilla color, planning ahead to when College Dude would move into a school apartment. I did the bathroom, decided the hallway needed it, along with the casing for the house know how it goes ;D. I want to do the loft and the den downstairs in a pale blue. The loft a blue so that it feels cooler up there. The sofa up there is denim, but I want to do a slipcover on that sofa this summer. Making a new cover for the sofa will take some doing, but I do think it will be fun to try. I will probably break down and get rid of the recliner up there. It belong to my FIL, but needs repair and I'm not sure that can be done.

So, I guess we'll see what happens as I go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just stuff

From Oct 2008 to September 2009 is a year of momentous birthdays in our home. College Dude turned 21 in October, Specialist turned 23 and Snickerdoodle turned 18 in January. (yeah, what were we thinking having kids 2, 3 and 5 years apart? Constantly having ‘landmark’ birthdays too close together). Cabinetry Man turned 50 yesterday, I hit that landmark in March, our lost son would have turned 16 the day after I turn 50, then we have a reprieve until September when Sunshine turns 10. Wow. Yeah, we had a baby at 40…everyone we knew was sending kids off to HS and college…and we’re having another one. When my mom was 40, she’d been a grandmother for several years, my younger sister became a grandmother right before her 40th, my older sister was a grandmother by her 40th…yeah, black sheep anyone? More kids than my sisters combined!

Anyone else find themselves missing days when their kids were little? I find myself nostalgic that way around Christmas. Mostly because it is a lot harder to find gifts for them that do not cost the earth. Sunshine is happy with craft and drawing stuff and movies to watch while she does it. Of course, there is a huge mess associated with it. I’m working on storage for her room though. She might end up with wall to wall dressers with labels on them for her stuff. But they are so good about staying within a budget for their wants for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve got really terrified kids, even though I do refer to them as ‘our wretched children’ periodically. Who doesn’t get frustrated with their kids? Our oldest is intent on world domination (along with his best friend)…think Pinky & the Brain, only they are both Pinky and the Brain…they take turns. Snickerdoodle will probably end up as an English lit major (minoring in Drama Queen), College Dude just isn’t sure yet…for a while in HS he told his friends he was going to be a mortician (why are you telling them that? ‘Cause it sounds grosser than pathologist or coroner—well, I can’t fault his logic there!) Considering I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up…..I’m not particularly worried. They’ll do what they want and do it well. As long as they understand they are NOT living at home past the first year out of college. The door is always open if they need it, we’ve done it for a number of their friends over the years when they needed a place, so I won’t do less for my own kids, but there are rules and as long as you obey them…you are welcome to stay.

Well, off to play in blogland and do my visits.

I HAVE to venture into politics today...sorry

College Dude just finished reading John Ringo's The Last Centurion yesterday. I'm going to read it again this weekend. It was published last August, written 'blog style' in 3 sections. I find it VERY prescient in many ways, although the president in the book is a woman, not Obama. John is really contemptuous of Hillary, so I can imagine what he thinks of Obama. But below are the last two paragraphs from the book, and in view of what is happening over the last few weeks, particularly concerning the stimulus bill. He puts into words quite well what I am thinking these days and how we have to continue to speak up, challenge our legislators on their stand, as I have already done and will be doing again today.


If we sunder ourselves internally, if we accept the false divisions, then we bring with those false divisions all their ills, all their blood of centuries. Where then, can we find trust? If we cannot see the difference between the evil that stands here before us with blood-soaked hands and what we are told is the evil we do in bringing peace and plenty to foreign shores, where then is he trust? IF we cannot remember who we are, if we cannot comprehend what it means to be this shining light on the hill, this country of wonder and riches this…America, then we shall surely slip into the long dark night that the enemies of our freedoms so richly desire.

“We are told, always, that there is no black and white. That there are only shades of gray. This is a picture that is held up to us. But it is only a picture and it is false. Each day, each of us makes countless choices, and each of these choices is black and white. If we choose, over and over again, as we have for so long, to choose the black choices because they are easier, to choose ‘me’ over ‘us’ to choose division and strife over assimilation and trust, then we slowly slip into that black night.

“I do not so choose. I am your Centurion. This America Shall Not Fall!”

I consider this a really powerful piece of writing. John writes military science fiction, is a vet and I thoroughly enjoy his writintg. Funny dialogue, dry humor, black humor...I get a kick out of it. I don't necessarily agree with him on everything...but I do on a lot of things.

We don't have blood soaked hands on our shores currently, but I am honestly worried about what is to come in the next few years. We try so hard to help other nations receive just a portion of what we have here, but we seem to be rolling over and playing dead when it comes to this stimulus bill. I'm concerned about mortgaging my children's futures, into the 2nd and 3rd generation. Our founding fathers had a lot to say about government's involvement in our day to day lives, in private businesses, etc. They abhorred it. The Constitution was not written blindly. They were thoughtful men who knew that more government involvement meant less freedoms for us.

I believe in this nation. We've come through worse successfully. I despise the disinformation being thrown out by this president and Congress. Unemployment is up, but it is still much lower than it was at the end of the Carter Administration, interest rates are MUCH lower. And we're trusting the idiots who were predominantly responsible for getting us into this mess, including the president who voted for all this mess while in Congress, and now he's whining about it. They are so insistent on cramming this thing down our throats...I think the old saying, Marry in Haste, repent at leisure is really true in this situation!

Okay, back to my so called normal life :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two weeks later, or is it three?

Back again. Seems that Cabinetry Man had to get strep. Seriously, how old were you the last time you had strep? I think I was in my teens or something. Oh well. The same day he goes to the doctor (finally), College Dude tells me that he is going to the health center after class, and he'll call for a ride home. In the meantime, I am trying to get Sunshine to setttle down upstairs after her medicine and watch a movie or something.

Hmmm, a day at home. Sunshine is being good, snuggled upstairs. I think she was watching Mamma Mia. Fortunately she's still too young to 'get' some of the humor. She goes from that to Kipper to Little Mermaid...

CB calls to make sure that our insurance is set up at Walmart so he can get his medicine. Antibiotic and something with lidocaine for his raw throat. Good. College Dude calls and will be ready to be picked up in a few, he's getting his medicine. He has the flu. So he got a antiviral for the flu and something for the cough. I'm checking the cabinet to make sure that there is some sort of cough medicine left for Sunshine. Yep, we're good to go.

Spent 3 days at home, tending to the crew. It's remarkably easy when they are all drugged and semi-conscious. I get to watch what I want on TV or DVD with no comments, decide what I want to fix for dinner, clean the kitchen floor, laundry....all the stuff that I used to spread out over a week when I stayed home. Got out my beloved sewing machine and played. I have NO stash, small pieces that Older Sister sent home with me in December...but I have elastic, some thread, nippers, scissors, pinking shears, seam rippers. None of which do me any good in deciding what color to paint the cabinets (which I am not allowed to do).

The weather was gorgeous, which meant I had windows/doors open so the house aired out. And we're back to chilly and cloudy this week. It's been the weirdest winter, drier than usual for us...very little shoveling of the global warming, but that's okay for now. However, we're at the point where any more snows that we get will probably be of the wet, mushy, yucky type...I really don't like March and April snows as they are just sad looking and a real mess in the front door.

I got my little wicker table partially painted and have to get another can of black spray paint to finish. Might put a third coat on, but not sure if gloss or matte is the way to go...I'll have to see....gloss would look nice with the video/bookcase that I just did...can always do one and change if if I don't like it.