Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm still here!

Hello Lovelies,

I'm still here and breathing. It's been a weird and wacky summer and fall. I spent most of the summer working for a friend as a mobile pet groomer. I was actually the "head wienie washer". Hey, what do you expect when I can't actually groom them? I did get to appreciate the art that actually is part of a good grooming. The only fiasco was with a cat. He didn't want a bath and shave. Mitzi got bitten and he scratched me up pretty well on the way down. We took her to the doctor immediately to get started on antibiotics, and Cabinet Man picked me up there. At home in the bath was where I found my battle injuries. That was July and the scars didn't really fade until September.

I worked for a couple of months down in Denver. I could easily live in that part of town. Legal work, which I really enjoy. But it was only a two month assignment and not permanent. That would have been nice, but I'd be very tired ALL the time. So now I am working part time doing scheduling for the groomer friend and part time at my kids' school as a lunch monitor. They are terrific kids for the most part (I work with the upper grades) but some of them are a real pain. Love the ladies I work with. It's funny seeing some of the kids I watched graduate come back and work after they have their degrees...have a hard time calling them Mr. and Mrs!

There is a course offered on Dance...swing dancing to be exact. The kids have a great time and get up and dance during their lunch periods also. Some of them are really good. There are a couple of places here locally that they can dance and it's not unusual to see them in the summer out at City Park at the Friday dances. I've heard a rumor that an adult dance class is going to be offered after the first of the year. Cabinet Man won't do it, but I will. Just looks like fun!

Snickerdoodle, aka Model Child, has had her first two assignments. She got them on her own. One was for a fabric store here in town for local designers. Below is a shot from that one.

It was a pro bono shoot. She did another in November for the cover for a novel that she did get paid for, so that was fun. Not allowed to post that one...copyright stuff I think. Anyway, lovely stuff.

College Dude did well on his fall courses...thank goodness. I promise you, for the drama we endured around here the last month of classes...I'm glad genetics is over. He ended up with 3 pretty tough classes but he pulled B's in all of them so he's quite happy.

Specialist is finally deploying in Iraq. He's very excited and looking forward to it. Mom? Not so much. I wish he had a different Commander in who was actually concerned about our military, but if wishes were horses....We'll have another Christmas at the end of January when he comes home on pre-deployment leave. He's bringing a buddy with him...who happens to be Model Child's boyfriend. They've never met in person, but they've been talking on the phone, emailing and texting for months now. Some of her friends think it is 'unnatural' that they've not met, but I have to tell them to remember how their grandparents or great grandparents met and if they corresponded if the grandfather was in WWII...they just don't get it. I'm happy that they have gotten to know each other in this fashion before meeting. They are very encouraging to one another...he supports her in her desire to start college in the fall (and finish). Who knows where this will lead? I'm okay to see what develops...her father is a bit nervous...;D But we'll see where God leads them.

Sunshine is in 5th grade this year and is doing well. Holding her back last year was indeed the best thing for her. She has made new friends and kept the old ones. I am particularly taken with her friend Mary. Sweet little girl who can hold her own in this family (there are 5 kids in her family) and that is saying a lot.

Well, that's it for now. New Year's resolution is to get back here regularly. I have plans for sewing and crafting and painting for 2011...have to keep busy!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday (or whatever you celebrate) and a fabulous new year!

hugs to all