Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skip to My Lou Guest Giveaway - Pixiesette

Okay, I promise this is not turning into a blog only about giveaways, but this is the loveliest jewelry and so reasonably priced....I'm scouting out craft projects for Sunshine to do this summer on the days when she comes to work with me. I want things that we can do together and stuff that she can do on her own. Thus, I have been going over all the craft blogs that I had bookmarked over the year, looking for things to do. She'll do some beading, some embroidery and things like that. At some point she is going to want to do some sewing and I want her to try handsewing first and then go on to a small machine. She's not touching the Bernina...I just got it back again. I know that she'll be careful and it is a very sturdy, workhorse machine, but I just got it back! And I have plans for the summer ;D

Here is the link to her store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6426511 and then the link to Skip to My Lou....great site also. http://www.skiptomylou.org/

Have a lovely day! We've got WIND today (yeah, welcome to March/April in Colorado). We had wind yesterday, the day before that and the day before that. The ONLY thing they are getting correct in the weather forecast is the wind. That is all they ever get right....and I am supposed to believe in what they tell me happened 100 years ago and will happen 10 years from now when they can't get next week right? Don't think so.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Glory Feathers, Starlight and Roses Giveaway

Boy, you can tell it's a bit slow here at work...I'm blogsurfing and finding giveaways...and here's another one...a vintage magazine advert...dear friend of mine would LOVE this, and it's fun to win stuff and give it to a friend. Double blessings! How great is that to do???

So head on over and check out her blog and sign up!


Exhibitor's Mall Giveaway/Gollum's Giveaway

They are having a giveaway...and what lovely stuff they have there. And, of course, with those yummy cupcakes? They are in Washington State and I'm not...pout, sulk. Hey, it's Monday, I'm allowed....

Guess it is too far for quiche and salad tomorrow...or a cupcake today....yeah, more pouting and sulking.

Here's their site:


And the lovely Gollum (how can I miss a blog on food???) is also giving away a lovely crystal sconce....would that look amazing in our bedroom if I ever get it to looking like something other than a mess??? (sigh) And those silk buffalo plaid drapes? Gorgeous!


This is not the giveaway, but doesn't this look like a gorgeous old earring???? Granted it would be for a giant but still......

Now it has gone too far

Had to stop into Wallyworld this AM and get a sympathy card for a friend and some redhots for the week....passing by the fabric department. Why in the world do we need polar fleece with Obama's face on it? Emblazoned across it was his image and 44th President, and other stuff that I didn't bother to read, but come ON! Is that really necessary??? And who would BUY it? Obviously, I'm not a fan of his in the least, but since when did we start prostituting the image and decorum of the Office of the President? Oh yeah....back in January.

Geez, talk about a rotten start to a Monday.........

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dolly Parton pink rocker

Okay, this is just cool. To celebrate the release of Dolly's new album, Backwoods Barbie , she is teaming up with Cracker Barrel for a limited edition rocker in, get this, PINK!!! I think I want one...

Hi Daddy

Well, it's been 19 years now that you've been gone. We've missed you so much and you've also missed seeing so much in person. You've missed your two youngest granddaughters...you'd get such a kick out of them. Snickerdoodle showed up the next January. She told me repeatedly that she was not a 'girly girl' but she wanted to wear dresses and have a pink bedroom. Go figure. Her best friend in pre-k was black and she loved the way her friend wore her hair. She wanted braids but her hair was way too fine...so I just bought barrettes and made a bunch of little ponytails. They clicked when she shook her head. You would have loved the picture They were both just delighted at her hair....and the cafeteria ladies thought it was so funny. That helped the next year when they told me that was had been fencing in the cafeteria with a little boy at lunch. I rather surprised them when I just wanted to know who won.

Then you missed Timothy. Or really, you didn't miss him, but we have missed him. I hope that you have enjoyed him and had a good time. I will admit that I've been very jealous of the time that you've gotten to share with him. Tell him Happy Birthday for us.

Cabinet Man started a custom cabinetry and furniture business. We've wished at times that you were around to do sales for us. We figure 4 months of you doing sales every and everyone in the US would have our custom cabinets and furniture ;D

You'd be quite proud of Specialist....he enlisted in the Army and is doing very well. He has plans for a career, but you'd not be very happy with the CIC and Specialist is going to see how it goes. But since he and your other 'grandson' plan to run the military, then the world, I am sure that it will work out. College Dude has your build at his age...he's taller but just as thin. The girls are really something, combination of us both, but I see you in them also...actually in all the kids. They have your sense of humor--in self-defense and they love puns and wordplays. Snickerdoodle LOVES Clint Eastwood movies and they all love westerns.

We miss you a lot, especially mom, but we'll see you again. All our love, Susie

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Not posted much, but today is my BD...a big one...and it's not 30 or 40 and not nearly old enough to retire...you can guess. But I have lovely friends who give me virtual BD cakes so I had to share.

Ken, the transgender cake. Is the skirt not FABULOUS!!!!!!

and this one. I'm not quite sure what she meant by this one......should I be disturbed? Or is Melissa disturbed?

Can't find a way to post it, but I got a lovely BD card from older (less me stress OLDER sister....plays the Wicked Witch theme from the Wizard of Oz...too funny. College Dude was looking at it and when it started playing, he tossed it. He still hates those monkeys at 21....


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bloggie win and a Toile Party!

I received my teacup and saucer from Jan and Tom. Probably should have taken a pic before removing the pretty tags but I was pretty excited. Here it is:

Isn't she pretty? Sorry for the slight shadow. I've thought about having Cabinet Man make me holder for the cups and saucers that I have (all 3 of them so far) but I also love the pretty wrought iron ones that I see...

Also my toile for Toile Party being hosted over Pretty Organized Palace. Such pretty stuff that everyone has...I hit Goodwill last Friday (as well as on Sat for their 50% off everything sale,but that is stuff for later). It was full of black flat pebbles for flower arranging and decor....best part? It was $.49!!!! (I'm trying to figure out why I can't link to her site), but the name helps. Blogger hates me today so......

Unfortunately I don't have a pic of the Ultimate Toile that I have at home....Winnie the Pooh toile in pale blue and white! Here's a pic from ebay.

So head over the Pretty Organized Palace's site and check out the pretty toile!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maison Douce giveaway & a Goodwill trip.

Maison Douce is having a giveaway. I don't feel too badly about giving myself more competition for it 'cause hey, this is still a really tiny blog that my family doesn't even know about! Heh, heh. That way I can talk about them all I want.

Anyway, it is in honor of her 100th post..and she has the loveliest goodies in it. Isable was born in Portugal of German Jewish descent. She's lived in Portugal, England and Morocco, but now they live in Oregon. Anyway, she's got a lovely triple threat giveaway. but drop by and see her, she has some lovely finds...and lots of fun. So drop by, you will NOT regret it.

I stopped by Goodwill last night on the way home from work. I had the truck and some time ;D. So I got a new bedspread for our bed, several pieces of silver, 3 flatware knives, and several white or cream colored plates. I also found a lovely wooden headboard and footboard...I called Cabinet Man and verified the measurements of the width of our bed...then measured the frame. Hmmmm. Saturday is 50% off, opening at 8AM. So I convinced CB to go over there as soon as it opened so he could check it out. Sturdy shape...goodie. Finish on it is still good, but I want to paint it white. I think he can do it at the shop next weekend. My plan for this summer is to decide on a color for the walls in our bedroom (which might take until September!) put the bedframe together and get the plates on the wall. And figure out a window treatment thanks to Nester. Honestly, I'm thinking about using a battenburg shower curtain to do a treatment ala Nester. Not sure though. But I also grabbed a little embroidered bureau scarf (I think) and an embroidered hanky. AND 4 barstools for $5 each! Oh yeah, and that silver tray.

The silver was tarnished and, of course, no silver polish to be had. So, couple of strips of foil in the sink, sprinkle baking soda over it, put the silver pieces in it and pour boiling water over it. Tarnish transfers from silver to the foil...and the foil looks so cool.

I'll post pics of the bedframe before and after and a few others things. I have GOT to find a new camera connector. My cell just does NOT take good pics...and I still have to decide on a new cell...I refuse to have one like Cabinet Guy and College Dude.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More on the TOTUS

I've been reading TOTUS and in viewing the comments, I found that TOTUS has a girlfriend! And she is something else. He'd better be careful when he is around other teleprompters. And apparently TOTUS has been in touch with Obama's Blackberry. I've posted their links on the right side of my blog and sweets, they are a hoot. Fairly frequent postings on them, TOTUS' girlfriend is asking currently for opinions on her dress. I think she is wanting to make TOTUS jealous ;D That dress should certainly do it.

I LOVE a political blog with a sense of humor.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

College Dude's medical stuff

College Dude was born with a heart defect...transposition of the great arteries or arterial transposition. Wikipedia has a decent explanation of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transposition_of_the_great_arteries

He had repair surgery at 5 months and we were told that a pacemaker would be in his future. That future occurred when he was 16. It went fairly smoothly...rough time coming out of anesthesia and pulled one of the leads out. They had to go back in and reinsert it, so they are not allowed to use that drug this time.(I am She Who Will Be Obeyed in this instance. It was not fun, but the hospital in CO Springs was good. (He was in pediatrics & a Dr. brought his kids around to reverse trick or treat and drop off goodies, & a radio station came by too) I slept there and Cabinet Man stayed at the hotel. I went back at one point and showered & slept but we got a snowstorm the 3rd day so I toughed it out. Had a migraine & didn't take my meds so I had to get it changed to a pharmacy down there. Thank God for Walgreen's.

It's time for a new pacemaker, so on 4/28, he'll go down and have it done...OUTPATIENT. I'm still a little freaky about it, but it is relatively 'easy'...the current leads appear to be fine, so they will just disconnect the leads, put the new one in and reconnect the leads. I am so grateful that we do NOT have nationalized healthcare. With nationalized healthcare, it would not have been scheduled so quickly. He would have to wait until the battery actually failed before it would be replaced. We have the 'luxury' of scheduling it after his exam, but within the 'window' the surgeon feels is safe.

Ick factor? The surgeon told him that they can clean it up and he can have it engraved. ICK! I told him it would be in his Christmas stocking. Exactly how do you go about finding someone to engrave it? If you were a jeweler, what would you think if someone walked in and asked you to engrave an electronic device that had recently been in SOMEONE'S body? Ew. I'm tempted to do it just to see the jeweler's face. I'm sorta evil like that. But I won't as I am also considerate like that. Besides, I know my mom would find out and kill me. CD made the point that at this rate, if he were to get it engraved, when he finally dies in 60 years or so, his heirs will open a drawer and see it full of engraved pacemakers. You can only use so many paperweights, and you can't exactly give them away....

Obama's teleprompter

I was listening to Rush yesterday and he had a series of questions for Obama's teleprompter. The man cannot give any speech or talk without his teleprompter. It is even in use when he speaks on the phone. I guess it is so he can appear to be looking up and over into the distance when the official photogs take his picture. No, I don't like the man and I am extremely concerned about the direction in which he is 'leading' our nation. Yes, it got started back with the first bailout and I cannot for the LIFE of me, figure out what President Bush was thinking! I like and admire him, but I also admit to be seriously disappointed in him at the end of his second term. But the current president is scary and his administration is a huge mess. However, here is the link to the teleprompter's blog. The author of it is absolutely brilliant in taking the opportunity and running with it. Absolute stroke of genius. It will be added to my blog list and my list of 'daily reads' (which is growing daily). http://baracksteleprompter.blogspot.com/

Monday, March 16, 2009

I won a bloggie giveaway!

This is actually my second giveaway I've won...and they have really been examples of God's timing...I was having a wretched day with the first one...and got the news of a win...and when I got the box...I was so blown away. Elyse at Tattered Treasures. Not the greatest of pics as I am using my cell. I might borrow my son's phone to get a better picture. You really need to check out Elyse's Etsy shop at http://tinkeredtreasures.etsy.com.

Here is the first one...so beautifully wrapped and presented.

The frame. You can't really tell, but it's a LOVELY pale green...and the colors have decided what I want to do in our bedroom.

The rest of the goodies...a duckie ribbon (my paternal GM's maiden name was Duck), clippies, stickers, bookmark (that is PERFECT for my latest Aunt Dimity book), chickies and sweet little things.

Giveaway #2 is a lovely rose quartz bracelet from Emily. I have to get her website here exactly. She's got some of the loveliest jewelry, bracelets, earrings, watches. I want a necklace to go with the bracelet and earrings that I won...and I told my kids that I want the watch OR a birthstone bracelet for Mother's Day...the kids' birthstones will work well for a bracelet.

I got the word on both of them at a time when I was having a very down time. I rather dread this part of March. It is coming up on the anniversary of my father's death, our youngest son's birthday and the anniversary of his death. Some years are better than others...but this one is sorta rough. I wish that I could really let Elyse and Emily know just how much these mean to me...but I trust God will bless them beyond measure with success in their businesses and personal lives. Thanks ladies.

New phone out/old phone back...and a cheap Met Monday

Okay, as cool as the Blitz was, it went back to the store and I'm back to the Razr for now. Blitz is just for someone who texts more than talks (as IF!). I loved the compact size...that was wonderful. But the buttons on the side get in the way when talking on it and let's be honest...how many pics of the inside of one's ear do you need? I mean, it's dark in there and a little scary....and it gets really old deleting them time after time....

And here is my so sad first Met Monday ;D I used the last of my coffee at work this AM (I drink decaf) so I told my boss I needed more. Woohoo! They buy my coffee, creamer and Splenda....it could be worse. Of course, I do bring in my little 4 cup coffee maker on Mondays and take it home on Fridays...until I stir myself and get another one. Anyway, last time I ran out, one of the sweeties working here bought regular and decaf....Folgers...so I drank it anyway. But boss picked up Dunkin' Donuts Decaf for me today at lunch. Since I needed to reuse the Folger's container (until I find a pretty little airtight one for here)...I used what I had...and some scotch tape.

It pales in glory next to the wonderful other posts...but I thought you might enjoy the Monday giggle.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime Playdoh and new phone

Are these not the YUMMIEST colors for play doh? We hit Tar-jay yesterday after our trip to B&N (what is it that they have decided people don't want to sit and browse any more?). Snickerdoodle needed a new blow dryer (pink!) and, of course, it doesn't have a diffuser, so I have to A) get a diffuser; or B) get a new blowdryer of my own. For now, it's the diffuser. Although I did find one that is a diffuser only...no, no, NO! Weather is warming up now and if you didn't use one when it was -5 outside, then you don't need one now. Sheesh! Now behave. Besides, if you don't get a blowdryer, that is another $15 to spend at Goodwill!

Okay, after being hounded for months that it is time to upgrade my phone, I went to do it. Fine, picked out a Blue Blitz...and unless your life is governed by texting...don't. Great compact size, great camera...but if you try to actually TALK on it and use it as a phone, the buttons on the side get in the way and you are taking a picture of the inside of your ear. I mean, yuck! it's clean but dark in there! Or you are turning on the music. Or something else. So back to the store it goes, I'll have my Razr turned on again and find something else. Or maybe I'll just continue to use the Raze and just get an wired earpiece. Had a bluetooth and loved it, but the family hated it as they couldn't tell who I was talking to...so let's just get the cord and they can look for that.

Monday but a better day...lots of phone calls, people are relatively nice (and thank you for the voicemail in English AND Spanish..well done. And drop by the lovely transformations at Between Naps on the Porch http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ She has Metamorphosis Monday going one...and I didn't post 'cause I don't have any BEFORE pics....maybe next week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Window mistreatments

Yesterday was a grumpy day. I'm not talking Eeyore or Rabbit grumpy, I'm talking full-fledged, I'm a PITA grump. Snickerdoodle and Cabinet Man left to drop Sunshine off at a BD party. I took down the crap that was covering the den windows and went grabbed a dropcloth that I found in the garage. I'd bought hardware tacks earlier in the week and some curtain clip thingies. I grabbed the valance from the battenberg shower curtain and put it up over the window in the kitchen. Easy and cute. I was tired of the old one. Then I called College Dude down and requested that he help me get the curtain rod down. Then to hold or nail in the hardware tacks. This took some time and I wasn't in quite as bad a mood as the room looked SO much better. Now I have to clean those windows.

Then I grabbed the valance that I made years ago for Sunshine's room, washed and then ironed it. It was fraying so I just ironed it and smoothed down the edges so it would be okay. Took it up to Sunshine's room, grabbed the hammer and the white hardware tacks that I had bought. About 30 minutes, some fluffing and stuff later, I had it done. I'm very happy with it. Shame that it took so long to get done but I can get the other rooms done over the next month. So far it has cost me less than a dollar per window!

I wish I could take credit for such an amazing idea but, alas, the idea came from The Nesting Place, aka The Nester. http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/2008/01/window-mistreatment-101.html She is BRILLIANT! And funny too. Between Nester and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, http://southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot.com/ and The Inspired Room http://theinspiredroom.net/ and Cindy at My Romantic Home http://romantichome.blogspot.com/ and too many others to list, I am finally getting out of the 'we are only renting so I won't bother' mindset. I want this to be a home, a place where we can get away from everything. Still don't know what color I'll paint the front door...my neighbor across the street dislikes red doors, so out of respect for her sensibilities (even if they are lousy neighbors) I'll try to find something else. Depends on what shows up at the dump. I can always just paint it glossy black. Also depends on what color the landlord paints the house. I also want to put a wooden screen up there too. I love the sound of a "slammin' screen door"....brings back memories of trips to visit my grandmother and the cousins running out the door....'Stop slamming that door!' after EACH cousin ran out the door.

So, I'll do what I can inside for the windows and then I can concentrate on fixing our bedroom.

Well, it's not letting me post pics, so I have to scout around and figure out what to do...annoying to say the least!

Phone Calls--An Update

I just talked to people in our offices in other states. They do not have to jump through nearly as many hoops as we do! Apparently if we will bid on a state job, then we have to do this. Wow. Political correctness has a stranglehold on this state. And oh, do NOT get me started on our new representative.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phone calls

I work for a company that solicits bids for work. We do the big part and hire subcontractors to do certain parts of it. The state requires that a certain number of them are minorities. So every time we want to bid on a project, we have to go through a HUGE DB that the state maintains, winnow it down the to ones that we can use and send them a bid invitation. There are usually around 250 or so. Until now, we were required to fax them so that we can track it and prove that we did so. I can send them out in batches of 30 or so and print a log to see which ones went through, which ones didn't for one reason or another. I have to try to send those again, check codes, etc. Then I have to call those and see if there is a better fax number or an alternative way to do it. They are REQUIRED by the state to reply yes or no. It states so on the bid request AND gives the state citation. If I am lucky, I get a 10% return. If I am lucky. I am not lucky. After I spend 2 days sending out faxes, I give them 3 days to reply. The ones that don't reply get a phone call, asking them if they want money from us. In order to show 'good faith effort', I have to call them. Twice. I have to attempt to contact these people a total of THREE times to see if they want us to throw money at them. If I am lucky, I fax them once, then make one phone call.

As I said, I am not lucky. (sigh) I send out 250 faxes, then I make roughly 200 phone calls, usually leaving a voice mail. Then I have to make at least 160 other phone calls as most of them will not call me back. I leave voice mails, pleading with the people to call me back. I have to explain to people who are annoyed that I am calling that YOU registered with the state as a minority business. If you had read the paperwork, you would see that when we invite you to bid on a project, you are REQUIRED to reply. That means that you read the fax, decide if you want to bid or not, check YES or NO on the little box and fax it back. It takes about a minute, depending on how fast you read. It's made REALLY clear on the invitation.

a) You are not allowed to yell at me and tell me that you are on the No Call list. This does not fall under the No Call list. I am not asking for your money. I am TRYING to give you money. I am trying to give you an opportunity to MAKE money for your business.

b) You are not allowed to tell me "well, if we fax it back, we are going to bid. If we don't fax it back, we are not." It doesn't work that way. I am contacting 250 people and can't keep track of all that. Wait, I can keep track of it but I refuse to do it. You've had half a dozen people contact you. I have 250. You have an agreement with the state that you will reply. Pretty simple.

c) You are not allowed to register, then have an answering machine message that can only be understood by another speaker of that language. You want to work in the US and access the tax money which pays for these jobs, then you'd better leave a message that I can understand. I have the power to funnel tens of thousands of dollars your way. It is in your best interest to have a message in English.

d) Please do not tell me that you cannot bid for one reason or another. Yes or no, that's all I need.

Oh yeah, both sets of calls have to be made by the end of the week. I have about 3 days to make the calls after the initial 3 days is up.

I also have to document the date that I made the first call, second call and their answer. Fortunately, I can get all this on a spreadsheet. Next project I will get to do it all via email. BUT, I have to request a 'read' receipt on all of them. I will have to print out 250 emails with the company names somewhere on it. The good news is that after I get the 250 email addresses entered, I can sort through them and leave out the ones that I do not need for that project and enter any new ones that I need. Honestly, this will be easier. I might add or leave out a few each time, but it will be a LOT easier. And faster.

IT will not let me have a folder on the server to save all this. When I am finished, I can zip all the documents into a folder and save it on my HD. I'm not even allowed a zipped folder on the server. I think IT hates me. (sigh)

Trash to Treasure giveaway

No, not mine, but it's at http://reinventedkb.blogspot.com/2009/03/trash-to-treasure-series-and-giveaway.html She picked up a plaque at GW and used chalkboard paint to turn it into a 'menu' board for the kitchen, only the kids want it for a To Do board but, like I wonder about mine, will they use it? But it is the cutest idea...and did you know that chalkboard paint has to cure for 3 days?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But I'm 18.......

We dropped by a local watering hole/restaurant last night...Cabinet Man, Snickerdoodle, Sunshine and me. The hostess escorted us to our booth, handed out menus, specials and children's menus...to both girls. Snickerdoodle looked up at her and asked for an regular menu. Flustered the hostess a bit...she tried to make up for it by telling Snicker that she still colors on them...a very small, pitiful voice came out of Snicker..."but I'm 18"....I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for...the hostess or Snicker as we were laughing so hard. Admittedly she only looks about 15 or so...except for the photos she sent to Specialist...he showed a barracks buddy.

Specialist is hoping to come home on leave in May...Sunshine is excited about it. He'll potentially bring a buddy with him...which is fine. I told him to remind his buddy that they are all welcome, with or without him. But my daughters are still in school....and their daddy is protective. 'nuff said :D

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pray for Roy

This lovely lady is have a wonderful giveaway for St. Patrick's Day. Visit and say a prayer for her hubby.