Sunday, December 13, 2009

My (temporary) co-workers

I'm so sorry for the lack of postings...very unexpected blogiday...Cabinet Man has been busy finishing a job and guess who has been getting to 'help' him by doing things like sanding and priming (not nearly as much fun when you don't get to keep any of it). Then more sanding. My nails are shot (and they looked so good this summer in spite of all the painting I did at home).

But the finished job is spectacular and I'll post pictures in the next few days.

On to the 'job'.Wednesday I received a call from an agency I had re-registered with in June when I was laid off. About 15 seconds into her 'spiel', I asked her if "Mac" had chased off another employee, and Tiffany realized that I'd worked for Mac before. Relief in her voice. I said that I would be happy to fill in while they looked for someone permanent, but I would not take a permanent job out with him. I worked for him two years ago for two very long months. He is a jerk. Pure and simple. He SHOULD just retire (he's 69), plenty of money, and just fish or travel. However, he is single. He is a developer who refuses to recognize that the market is down, won't reduce the prices on things to get them sold & pay back the loan, etc. He can be quite crude and vulgar (I ignore it). And, of course, they don't pay as well as they did 2 years ago. They tried to get me to take less but I wouldn't go that low. It is just not worth it. Too much potential aggravation, etc.

So, I have crazy Mac. He had a stroke in 2000 & I see a deterioration in 2 years. Between stroke damage, age, dead brain cells from alcohol...sheesh. His family is suspecting Alzheimer's but it will not be easy to get him to considered testing. But he can be VERY charming and funny.

Next we have the accountant, Mark. He's in his 60s also. Single. Apparently can't find a date so he has recently signed up on several websites for women from the former Eastern bloc. Russia, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria. Professional women, attractive...what is it with that part of the world where so many of them have such striking cheekbones? They are regular photos, some 'cheesecake' (as in 1950s and 40s styles really), so not too bad. They appear to be very well 'vetted' for lack of a better word.

Then there is the engineer, Jim. Seems to be a nice kid. Probably the most 'unconnected' person of his age I've met. No IPod, very basic phone that he uses as a phone (imagine that!). He's been there 2 years, but I don't know him either.

Jody. NO idea what she does. Supposedly something with minerals, water, something or other. Never see her really doing anything. I was to her office and she's got FB open on her laptop, and playing games or something like that on her computer. But Mac likes her, which is why she still has a job.

Jack is the final one. Sales. 'Nuff said. He's seldom there & while he is supposed to be doing sales, not sure.

Back to Mac. He has a blackberry now. Apparently he doesn't know how to text and no one there will show him. Terrible driver and probably close to losing his license and insurance. Better for all of us if he does ;D He got a new Bluetooth for it the other day and bought one also for Jim. It has an extra set of earphones that plug into the Bluetooth so he can listen to music. Mac honestly thought he was doing a cool thing, but $150 for the pair? So I talked to Jim and he doesn't want to be able to...he listens to his car radio. So does Mac. So I convinced him to take them back and I'll get both of them hands-free devices that are exactly that and no more. Whew.

Monday I have to start researching a trip to Israel for him over Christmas. That should be interesting. Does this guy really need to be traveling around the world. Alone? This will probably continue to get interesting as I really have no idea what I am supposed to do there besides answer the phones, go thru mail, write checks for his personal bills. Oh, and I can watch the news on that fabulous big screen plasma TV in the office that no one else watches. Have to find out how to turn on the closed captioning so I can just read it instead of listen to it. Wonder if there are any good movies on tomorrow? ;D He likes it being turned on.

So boys and girls, that is my fun life for now. Still need to bathe Duncan.


Susie Q

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