Monday, December 14, 2009

What I've Been Up To

As most of you know, I was laid off my job in June. And there are no jobs out there. Our small city has really laid off administrative staff in all fields, the university has a hiring freeze. Therefore, there are a LOT of applicants for the various positions. So I've been piddling around the house, helping out Cabinet Man, etc.

This is what he's been working on in Denver since June. These are not the portfolio pics, but just ones that I have taken. Over the next little bit I'll also be posting stuff from another job that he did. I mostly tag along to tote and fetch, hold things, vacuum, sand, prime. I have gotten to install hardware, sweep, take pictures, etc. Just be entertaining self for the most part. Unless he's which case I retreat into whichever books I brought along until I am needed.

Without further ado. Here are some pics.Obviously, Cabinet Man did not build the house itself. So this is a shot from the street, late afternoon...standing in the middle of the street while a neighbor waited patiently ;D. Landscaping will be in the spring.

Casa de Denver Wiederholds

Whole view of the kitchen and island. Eventually there will be a panorama' view of it. See all that hardware? Yep, I put on every single piece.

Kitchen whole

Other side of the island. I ADORE the sink and have wanted one for years. There should be a pic of one in a file I've had for years. There is a bookcase on the far end.

Island sink

Double ovens. The cabinet above is for cookie sheets. I am not sure what is in the drawer below.

Oven wall

The lower corner cabinet is a lazy me. I didn't like the one I had years ago, but this one has good hardware so I do like it. Deep drawers under that amazing stovetop. The uppermost one is just a fake drawer front. And the organization of those utensils? Great!

Right of stove

Other cabinets and fridge. There is a door on the other side of the fridge that I believe will be used for mops, brooms, trash, etc. Not sure though.

Fridge 2

The kitchen computer station. To left side is the pantry and the right side is storage, the printer and tower, etc.

kitchen computer workstation

Details on the island end and the bar.

Island bar and detail

Island end

Molding on all pieces to look like furniture feet. Routed doors and bar to resemble beadboard, but better. Vintage hardware and feel to the whole thing. I do love this kitchen. The owner has mentioned living here a couple of years, then selling and building another one together.

Later this week I'll be showing off the stairs, laundry room (upstairs...brilliant!) and vanities that we (Cabinet Man) did.

Hugs til later,

Susie Q


  1. Wow! That guy's got talent. He should have a long honey-do list.


  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Yeah, there is a huge honey do list...but his clients come first ;D

  3. That kitchen is beautiful! I would love one just like it!


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