Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best curbside find --EVAH! (for now anyway)

I did a bit of garage saling last weekend and had actually planned show it off...then I curb-shopped this one on the way home the other day and it takes precedence. I have wanted a porch swing, patio swing, any kind of swing for years...but it just hasn't happened. Then, on the way home the other day, I passed this baby.

Please ignore the junk behind it...the landfill has been closed due to high winds every time we have tried to go over the past two weeks.

The cushions are a vintage-y floral (prettier than in the picture). I was yelling at Cabinet Man to STOP! Back up! I want that! He backed up, and I was out of the truck and around to the side, trying it out. He was wanting to know how much they were wanting for it and I was pointing to the FREE sign and telling him to get down there and pick up that end after he put the tailgate down on the truck. While he was doing that, I was back at the truck telling Snickerdoodle to get out of the car and HELP!

I have taken the cushions off to clean them up and it is all in great shape! I know they usually have a canopy on them, and I figured out that is why they were getting rid of of the places where you fasten the canopy is broken. Probably our high winds. Cabinet Man has looked at it again and I have made a couple of suggestions on how to mount it (like he wouldn't know how!)

He mentioned today that he thought the place I wanted it moved to in the yard is a good idea. I now have enough yard furniture to actually have a nice back I just need a patio cover like Rhoda suggests. After 8 years in this place, I might finally get one!

Linking up to the lovely Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Mondays. I don't know about you, but I cannot WAIT to see what she does with her 'room'!

Prayers please this week! Graduation and party on Saturday for Snickerdoodle. I have to make several dozen mini-cupcakes. And I'll post details next week including the cupcake plates, tablecloth, decor, etc.


  1. Now that is a great freeby. What a find. It looks wonderful and I know you will really enjoy it. Hugs, Marty

  2. AWESOME CURBSIDE treasure...hop over and show her off at NTT!


  3. Suzy, what a great find! Maybe you can make a canopy for your swing & get yourself some shade too. Yes, my deck space will be a work in progress, but I've got some ideas for it. Thanks for playing this week.

  4. I cannot get over how people find these great freeby things. Awesome find!

  5. Hi !
    I can see you have been crazy busy with that thing called life, like me !
    So fun that you know the Jones...they are our
    neighbors and Megan and Bonnie have been BFF's
    for years !
    Someday , I need to blog more...not enough time and I have to be o.k. with that....


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