Thursday, April 23, 2009

24 Fan - and other shows

I'm a big 24 fan. I didn't watch it last season (2 yrs ago) as I was not impressed with the writing...still reserving judgment on this season, but I'm watching every episode. No spoilers here, as I imagine everyone knows that Tony is back, but I received a 'tidbit' yesterday in my comments that will have me watching this week on of the actors looked familiar...that naggy feeling? That feeling has been explained to me now so...hmmmm. I have NO idea where they will go with this...and what have they done to my Tony? He and Bill Bennett were my favorite characters next to Jack--what is NOT to love about a handsome man with a gun? Even if he does carry a murse?) Anyway...I guess we'll see what happens. Maybe 5 hours left? What WILl they do? Couple of new characters this season that I'm not crazy about...mostly as I don't care for the actors so...

This weekend I finally finished watching Season 10 of Stargate and the movie that wrapped it up. One thing that is fun is when actors from other shows appear on the ones that I watch. Adria was an actress from Firefly and Serenity--okay, technically Firefly was a Fox show, but didn't get a decent chance. And for those that have not seen it...basic premise is a Western set in Space! What is NOT to love??? And being a Joss Whedon production, it is well-written, funny, engaging characters and terrific actors. Another character that was in Season 10 for a couple of shows was the cafe owner from Eureka (Vincent). Lexi Doig (Andromeda) appeared in a couple of seasons as the base doctor, also the daughter of the general played by Beau Bridges. To make it more complicated, Michael Shanks has also appeared on Eureka and is married to Lexi Doig in real life...confused?

We have a few shows we do watch. The basic premise would catch my eye, and we'd get the first season(s) from the library and decide if we liked it. Or we would catch a marathon on a cable network. In Plain Sight is the newest one for us. USA network. US Marshalls in the Witness Protection Program, based in Albuquerque. Really good. Good chemistry between the characters, etc. Saving Grace on TNT--wasn't sure about that one...Holly Hunter (boy she's a tiny thing) is a cop in OK...she has issues of her own and a guardian angel named Earl ;D That's been a hoot, but you wonder about her character...they give hints and finally explain it all in the last episdoe of the first season.

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick - cop transplanted from Atlanta to LA...meets with great hostility, but definitely wins over her team, including the guy who was supposed to get that position.

Psych - huge fan and waiting for the new season. Burn Notice - very well written, funny characters, great chemistry AND Bruce Campbell!

Chuck - another one that we got the first season on DVD...very funny and I love Adam Baldwin (nope, no relation--I like him much better than most of that crew).

Castle - Nathan Fillon from Firefly and Serenity (apparently on Desperate Housewives one season)...very engaging character. Successful crime novelist who is wanting to do research for a new book series...I've heard it described as Murder HE Wrote, but it's not. For starters, I would rather watch Nathan Fillon than Angela Lansbury ;D Other famous novelists have made cameo appearances for a weekly poker recognizing them from their book covers.

Of course NCIS - Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly...again, handsome men with badges and gun. (see a theme?)

I've been watching Lie to Me on Fox also...amazing learning little 'quirks' that people give off when they are not telling the truth...and hilarious recognizing the politicians they flash when they giving 'examples' of deceitful 'tells'. At least they are bipartisan about it...although I think Clinton has made the most appearances...but Pelosi, Reid and Dodd were up there...I think that was Blago this week...didn't get a good look as I was stitching.

And we like to check out different British shows....they do cop dramas REALLY well...and historical? Foyle's War...hands down. I'd love to have that in our library. Follows a British inspector over the course of WWII...1940-1945...incredible writing, characterizations...just tremendous to watch. MI-5 also. More brutal but it seems that the British are not afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist instead of a man-made diaster or whatever that idiot called it (sigh)

With summer coming on I'm not sure what we'll be doing. Deep Space Nine is on the horizon to watch, but not sure what else. I'll have to peruse the files and see what I can come up with...any suggestions? Twilight is on the summer reading list and so is the movie. But I have furniture to refinish and repair so we'll see.

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  1. me, i like the housewives of anywhere and can't stop watching like a train wreck! and big brother!

    smiles, bee


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