Thursday, April 2, 2009

Using Live Writer/ER Series Finale

Well, let’s see how this works. Not bad so far, but I’ll have to use it for a bit to see how it works. And get it on both the computers that I use to blog on. I know a number of ladies are excited about it and I’m willing to try it. Blogger is a bit ‘clunky’ when it comes to seeing what you are doing as you write it.

Just finished the series finale of ER. We stopped watching it probably 8 years ago or so…sorta scary that for the most part, we knew what was going on, and I have to admit, it is one of the better season finales that we’ve watched. (as opposed to these TV's 10 Worst Series Finales I rather wish that I had watched the entire retrospective beforehand, but we were watching Open Season with Sunshine and College Dude and I made a library run. Among other things, I picked up Bernie Goldberg’s newest book, slobbering love affair : the true (and pathetic) story of the torrid romance between Barack Obama and the Mainstream Media. I’ve managed to refrain from starting the book…otherwise I’d be up all  night long reading it. But the office is empty next week so I’ll get it read then…or maybe this weekend. No, I have to get window treatments up this weekend. It is supposed to snow…winter storm advisory for tomorrow night so…we’ll see. We were supposed to get a bunch on Tuesday so…we’ll see. If we have it, I’ll post pictures. But I am ready for spring. Why didn’t we get this snow back in January when I WANTED IT? It is all about me, ya know.

I’ll be putting together a couple of lists this week and weekend. I want a list of summer projects and a summer reading list. I figure that if I actually put Atlas Shrugged on a reading list, then I’ll commit to reading it. I was going to this winter, but just didn’t get to it.

Okay, this is 3 posts in one day…actually within a few hours. And this is too many. I do have a few things to say about Ward Churchill’s victory today, the innumerable protocol screwups that The One has committed in London while at G-20. I have to get this one off my chest…NO American president EVER bows to the leader of another country…EVER! It is symbolic of putting a nation under the yoke and authority of that nation…and American presidents NEVER do that. So what did Obamalamadingdong do? He BOWED when meeting the Saudi King. Great. Good job guy. Is it possible to be any less presidential? And don’t get me started on Michelle as a ‘fashion icon’ like Princess Di or Jackie O…please.

Okay, off to bed. Sweet dreams all.


  1. I can't wait to see how Live Writer works too. You're right, Blogger is clunky, and it takes a lot of work to make things look right!

  2. Ummmm helloooooo you won :)
    Remember the giveaway for "Exhibitors?"

    All you have to do is email me (or post on the E blog)your mailing address & last name so I can pop your prize in the mail-yea! :)

    Thanks for play'n, your blog post about job applicants is soooo funny-thanx for sharing! :) xoxoGNG Girl~

  3. Hi Susie Q :)

    I have another Susie Q blogging friend so I thought you were one in the same until I clicked on your comment. Thank you so much by the way :)

    I just used live writer for the first time today and it works great except that it froze after the post was finished. I'll see if that happens again before I give it the thumbs up.

    Oh and "Michelle as a ‘fashion icon’ like Princess Di or Jackie O…please." LOL Too funny!!


  4. I have Atlas Shrugged on my list of to reads for the year also.

    I don't know about the title "fashion icon" for the first lady but she does wear J.Crew and that is just fine and dandy in my book. I love that she would wear affordable for me too clothes.

  5. Well, the J Crew is great..but the cardigan was $ affordable is that? And I like their stuff. And you just have to remember her comment that a $600 stimulus check wouldn't pay for a pair of earrings... ;D

    Rue, my dad called me Susie Q when I was a kid...hence the name.


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