Sunday, April 12, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

I like to read the UK's Daily Mail. It is a sort of paper/tabloid.

I've just read about Susan Brody. She auditioned (I guess that is what it is) last week for the show, Britain's Got Talent. Honestly, it is a bit of a freak show and some of the acts (and I use that word loosely) that audition are just plain weird. She came on the show last week. Not particularly graceful in her walk, unattractive (I'd love to get some good conditioner on her hair), unruly hair, wild, thick eyebrows, and at 48 years of age, older than many contestants....but she had a wonderful attitude about giving it a try. But she walked out on the stage with a confidence that was good to see, Simon called her cheeky. Wonderful attitude, funny...kind of person that I would like to have. You can imagine what sort of unkindness she'd had to put up with growing up. She honestly owned that stage when she walked out there. She knew what she was potentially in for, and I liked her for that. Susan told Simon that her dream is to be a professional singer. She wants to emulate Elaine Paige. (I confess I had to look her up...she's apparently been called the First Lady of British Musical Theater). Audience members smirked, laughed out loud and generally were incredibly unkind. The female just was pretty snarky in her attitude, the way attractive women (no idea what her talent is) can be towards their lesser-favored sisters. That lasted until Susan opened her mouth. The place fell silent, Simon's right eyebrow launched itself off his face. Her voice is just that amazing. Brought tears to my eyes with the beauty of it...and I'm not a crier over a maybe, but not a voice. She is absolutely amazing, astonishing. She was getting a standing ovation by the audience before she finished the song. The camera guys did a great job of capturing the judges' faces...first shot of the other male judge (Piers?) made him look close to tears, the female judge (Amanda?) was on the verge also. Simon was astonished....and the people in the audience...flashed back on some of the ones who were making fun of her...they were not making fun any longer.

Here she is on youtube, and there are several others. I don't watch reality shows (unless you consider some of the stuff on HGTV reality shows) but I'll be following this one in the Daily Mail. I sincerely hope that a music producer or someone contacts her and gives her a shot. Outward appearances are just that...outward appearances, but the voice of this woman is amazing. Hair and eyebrows can be fixed, that voice cannot be faked. I'd buy her CD in a minute.

PS: And if someone can explain to me WHY I can't imbed a link in the post by using the link thing at the top....


  1. There are definitely some lessons to be learned there I am thinking. I will have to check it out on u-tube.

  2. Hello Susie, Susan is phenomenal, I loved how you said Simon's right eyebrow launched itself off his face, it did too. rofl. I think this years Britains got tallent is over before it has begun, done and dusted as they say. I will definately have to follow along now, I have a soft spot for Ant and Deck anyhow. Love your blog and your header photo, your cousin is talented. Kathy.

  3. I had so many other things going on this week... when I saw her on Fox this morning I figured I'd better go ahead and do the post before it became "old news"...

    wish I could put the video on my blog... but they've got the embedder turned off so you can't... "they" being the owners of the rights to the vids...

    Miss Boyle certainly left us in awe didn't she... what a wonder!


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