Thursday, February 12, 2009

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From Oct 2008 to September 2009 is a year of momentous birthdays in our home. College Dude turned 21 in October, Specialist turned 23 and Snickerdoodle turned 18 in January. (yeah, what were we thinking having kids 2, 3 and 5 years apart? Constantly having ‘landmark’ birthdays too close together). Cabinetry Man turned 50 yesterday, I hit that landmark in March, our lost son would have turned 16 the day after I turn 50, then we have a reprieve until September when Sunshine turns 10. Wow. Yeah, we had a baby at 40…everyone we knew was sending kids off to HS and college…and we’re having another one. When my mom was 40, she’d been a grandmother for several years, my younger sister became a grandmother right before her 40th, my older sister was a grandmother by her 40th…yeah, black sheep anyone? More kids than my sisters combined!

Anyone else find themselves missing days when their kids were little? I find myself nostalgic that way around Christmas. Mostly because it is a lot harder to find gifts for them that do not cost the earth. Sunshine is happy with craft and drawing stuff and movies to watch while she does it. Of course, there is a huge mess associated with it. I’m working on storage for her room though. She might end up with wall to wall dressers with labels on them for her stuff. But they are so good about staying within a budget for their wants for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve got really terrified kids, even though I do refer to them as ‘our wretched children’ periodically. Who doesn’t get frustrated with their kids? Our oldest is intent on world domination (along with his best friend)…think Pinky & the Brain, only they are both Pinky and the Brain…they take turns. Snickerdoodle will probably end up as an English lit major (minoring in Drama Queen), College Dude just isn’t sure yet…for a while in HS he told his friends he was going to be a mortician (why are you telling them that? ‘Cause it sounds grosser than pathologist or coroner—well, I can’t fault his logic there!) Considering I still am not sure what I want to be when I grow up…..I’m not particularly worried. They’ll do what they want and do it well. As long as they understand they are NOT living at home past the first year out of college. The door is always open if they need it, we’ve done it for a number of their friends over the years when they needed a place, so I won’t do less for my own kids, but there are rules and as long as you obey them…you are welcome to stay.

Well, off to play in blogland and do my visits.

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