Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring and Summer projects

Well, it's time to start planning for the spring and summer projects. I'll have work space in the shop bay at work if I need it...and I will. I can spread stuff out and let it sit up to dry.

So, I need to paint Sunshine's bed white...she wants an applique on it, so we've looked. Bad idea to take an 8 YO to look at appliques for her bed. She picked out about 6 different ones and I told her that I was not going to put all those on her bed. It would go from girly to tacky. I think I convinced her....but Specialist's bed is out in the garage so I'm going to bring that in and paint it also. I wanted to distress it a little, but she wants it to look new. Oh well. Then we'll decide if we're going to do bunk beds or have them down for twin beds...I think the bunks would fit better. And there is the warmest, COZIEST guest bunks that I have ever seen over at Jewel Box homes and I can't find it! It was so cozy, warm drapes and dark colors for the bunks, a shelf and light for each bunk. I'd love to go visit there.

I need to get the loft sofa slipcovered, which will be a new challenge for me. I've not done much sewing in the last 10 years, so apparently I am feeling ambitious ;) I want to paint the loft and den area and do SOMETHING int he kitchen. I've been told by Cabinet Man that I can't paint the kitchen cabinets (we rent) and his brother (who has been in home building for years) both told me that refinishing the cabinets. I've been cleaning them fairly regularly, but I picked up some of those cleaning sponge thingies...it's pretty embarassing. OTOH, I can watch a dvd and clean the cabinets. When I am finished with them, CM will take them over to the shop and spray them. I was at a friend's house last Sat and her cabinets look really nice, but they are much newer, ours are original build. Let's say, original builders' grade cabinets. I would like to see about painting the countertops. I'll be doing some decluttering in the kitchen....countertops aren't really spacious. I'm also going to keep an eye out on freecycle, craigslist, and the recycle shops and Habitat and see if I can find something else to use in there for storage.

Oh yeah, Cabinet Man got his office cleaned out...I think 'cause I threatened to do it myself. ;D And I told him I would like the garage cleared out in 6 months. I would like to use half of it for sewing/crafting and the other half for storage.

Wow, I need to make a real list and post it to keep track....


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  2. hi suzy, not sure if my comment from yesterday went through but ... CONGRATULATIONS! you have won my give-away! please leave me your email address at my blog so i may get your mailing address.




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