Friday, February 27, 2009

College Dude and activists

College Dude is has had his 'encounters' with the activists and others at his university. Spring is approaching, so he is gearing up and honing his comments for them. You'd think by now word would have gotten out about this kid.

A few examples of the past 5 years or so. Few years ago he was in the lovely downtown part of our small city called Old Town. Lovely summer day, not too hot and the girls are out in droves, wearing what teen girls these days wear (or don't wear, but that's another post). And several young men were hanging out, making rude comments. To my mind, that is not acceptable under any circumstances. But it is to be expected when you are running around with no bra, pants that leave nothing to the imagination that are cut down to your crack in the back and the front requires daily waxing/shaving/electrolysis, whatever your choice. My son and his friend (both of them very slight, my son is just taller) overhear the comments. When the young women are a bit further down, my son confronts these college students who could tear him apart with no effort. He lit into them for talking about the girls (total strangers also) like that. They are someone's daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend and those people wouldn't like to hear their loved ones talked about in that fashion. His friend is behind him, muttering, 'we're gonna die'. My son finishes his talk, and stalks off, leaving them with their mouths open. He stops short, turns back around and commands them, "And pull up your pants! No one wants to see your wankers!" He then left again...and they were actually pulling up their pants!

College Dude was sitting on a wall at campus last fall, pre-election time. He had some time before class and was sitting there, trimming the loose threads on his shorts with a knife that he carries. A student activist approached him and asked him if he was registered to vote (mind ya'll, he'd been approached almost hourly for weeks). The conversation went thus:

CD: (head down still) Yes I am.
Student Activist: Have you decided who to vote for? (Note at this point that he had a shirt on for a candidate we did not support...I'll leave you to decide who ;D)
CD: Whoever my mommy tells me to.
SA: What?
CD: I'll vote for whoever my mommy tells me to.
SA: Are you serious?
CD: Yes.
SA: That's stupid. Don't you care?
CD: Yeah. My mommy does all the research and looks at everything, then she tells me who I need to vote for and so I do.
At this point, the student activist is livid. He begins berating my son, calling him names and generally being an idiot. CD never looks up, he just calmly keeps trimming threads on his shorts. Finally, the idiot runs down and stands there. CD closes his knife and stands up and picks up his backpack...apparently he is several inches taller than the idiot, so he sort of stands up and up and up...CD looks down at the idiot and says, did you seriously think that tirade would convince me that I should vote for YOUR GUY?

You'd think the PETA people in this town would communicate. There can't be that many of them. Encounter at mall....

PETA: Can I talk to you?
CD: No.
PETA: Don't you like animals?
CD: Yeah, we have pets.
PETA: And you eat meat?
CD: Yep, love it.
PETA: What! That's wrong! Would you eat your neighbors?
CD: (pauses as if in thought) Yep, we could get a number of meals off one household.
PETA: (very outraged) Would you eat your pets?
CD: If I was hungry enough.

Same day at the mall. Someone was passing out flyers and information and coupons for a free back adjustment at a chiropractor. We don't do chiropractors. They can do wonderful things and have been helpful to family members and I used to go. Operative words being "used to". Upper neck adjustment...stroke, 3 or 4 days in the hospital, certain permanent we don't go. But we don't noise it around either. I was 7 years post-stroke when we moved here so not many people know....or knew until my neighbor had one. Anyway, they approached CD about going. He was trying to avoid the guy, but you know how they are...

Marketer: Would you like a coupon.
CD: No thanks (at least he is polite)
Marketer: Are you sure? A free adjustment.
CD: No, thank you.
Marketer: Have you ever been to a chiropractor (not the right question to ask)
CD: We don't mom had a stroke when I was 7 caused by a chiropractor (which comment cause another couple standing nearby to go into the Sleep Comfort Store)
Marketer: Oh.
CD: Thanks anyway.

On campus. There is a unspoken 'law' on campus that if you are on your phone or have earphones/earbuds in, you are left alone. This Greepeace guy didn't get the memo. CD saw the guy and angled off and Greenpeace still came after him.

GP: I'd like to talk to you about the environment.
CD: No thanks.
GP: Don't you care about the environment?
CD: Nope.
GP: string of obscenities.
CD: Back atcha.
walks off.

And this kid won't let me hang out on campus with him......he ruins ALL my fun.

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