Thursday, February 12, 2009

I HAVE to venture into politics today...sorry

College Dude just finished reading John Ringo's The Last Centurion yesterday. I'm going to read it again this weekend. It was published last August, written 'blog style' in 3 sections. I find it VERY prescient in many ways, although the president in the book is a woman, not Obama. John is really contemptuous of Hillary, so I can imagine what he thinks of Obama. But below are the last two paragraphs from the book, and in view of what is happening over the last few weeks, particularly concerning the stimulus bill. He puts into words quite well what I am thinking these days and how we have to continue to speak up, challenge our legislators on their stand, as I have already done and will be doing again today.


If we sunder ourselves internally, if we accept the false divisions, then we bring with those false divisions all their ills, all their blood of centuries. Where then, can we find trust? If we cannot see the difference between the evil that stands here before us with blood-soaked hands and what we are told is the evil we do in bringing peace and plenty to foreign shores, where then is he trust? IF we cannot remember who we are, if we cannot comprehend what it means to be this shining light on the hill, this country of wonder and riches this…America, then we shall surely slip into the long dark night that the enemies of our freedoms so richly desire.

“We are told, always, that there is no black and white. That there are only shades of gray. This is a picture that is held up to us. But it is only a picture and it is false. Each day, each of us makes countless choices, and each of these choices is black and white. If we choose, over and over again, as we have for so long, to choose the black choices because they are easier, to choose ‘me’ over ‘us’ to choose division and strife over assimilation and trust, then we slowly slip into that black night.

“I do not so choose. I am your Centurion. This America Shall Not Fall!”

I consider this a really powerful piece of writing. John writes military science fiction, is a vet and I thoroughly enjoy his writintg. Funny dialogue, dry humor, black humor...I get a kick out of it. I don't necessarily agree with him on everything...but I do on a lot of things.

We don't have blood soaked hands on our shores currently, but I am honestly worried about what is to come in the next few years. We try so hard to help other nations receive just a portion of what we have here, but we seem to be rolling over and playing dead when it comes to this stimulus bill. I'm concerned about mortgaging my children's futures, into the 2nd and 3rd generation. Our founding fathers had a lot to say about government's involvement in our day to day lives, in private businesses, etc. They abhorred it. The Constitution was not written blindly. They were thoughtful men who knew that more government involvement meant less freedoms for us.

I believe in this nation. We've come through worse successfully. I despise the disinformation being thrown out by this president and Congress. Unemployment is up, but it is still much lower than it was at the end of the Carter Administration, interest rates are MUCH lower. And we're trusting the idiots who were predominantly responsible for getting us into this mess, including the president who voted for all this mess while in Congress, and now he's whining about it. They are so insistent on cramming this thing down our throats...I think the old saying, Marry in Haste, repent at leisure is really true in this situation!

Okay, back to my so called normal life :D

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