Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For your consideration: A baby gift

Cabinet Man's youngest brother and his wife just had twins...we know they are boys and the idea if they are fraternal/identical or what...we don't even know the stats, other than they were both very good sized for twins...over 6 lbs each, for which we are very grateful. See, we are not the 'chosen ones' for relatives so...let's put it this way, we were friends on FB and now we are not, and she 'denied' my oldest daughter so...that's sort of a 'hint'. MIL lives less than 30 min from them and she's hardly seen the babies and has had to make an appointment to see them since they got engaged..

Still, we want to send a baby present. I know the nursery is a jungle theme (her younger sister and I are FB 'friends'). While at GW one weekend, I ran across commemorative poster for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Imagination Celebration...and the characters on the poster are all from Where the Wild Things's wonderful. So I grabbed it. I'm repainting the frame to black (it was a pale oak). If that sucks, then I'll just go buy a new frame ;D We'll pick up two copies of the book for the boys (everyone needs their own copy), and see if I can find some scrapbook paper or wallpaper or SOMETHING similar in art to cover a nightlight with, and maybe a tissue box. It will then be packed up and sent on its way.

Opinions? Suggestions? Good, bad or figure something else out. I'm thinking about maybe some burp cloths if I can find a jungly theme trim for them...I'll post pics before I send it if the opinions are good.


  1. well since i am an only child and sarge only has one (evil) brother that neither of us speak to any more, i am no help! ha ha ha sorry...

    smiles, bee

  2. It's sad you are not closer but people are so weird sometimes ... Hope they will like the gifts !!!


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