Sunday, May 24, 2009

Met Monday--Memorial Day

Okay, this is an extremely pitiful in, I didn't get finished due to rain and incipient rain. And then one project I forgot to take before photos...since I'm not sure that is the end result of one of them, maybe I can take an 'after' picture and then an 'after after' (channeling Mr. Miyagi in that one)...oh well.

A couple of months ago we bought a lovely bedframe at Goodwill during their 50% off day--even though I am married to Cabinet Man...I don't have a bedframe or side tables (well, I have bedside tables but). So I found this one to use until he can build us one. He'll be painting it white for me and then I get to distress it (I think). Maybe not. So I got out there today and primed and painted the side rails for it. I am also painting Sunshine's bed this summer...the kids have mixed and matched a set of bunk beds and loft that were bought at Cargo years and years ago...once Specialist took off, he brought his bed home & it's been in the garage for 2 years. I pulled out the side pieces today and painted them white. When CB paints our headboard and footboard, he is going to paint this one also. Although I might be inspired tomorrow and weather permitting, I might do that also. He has a spray room and equipment, so I might just do a quickie primer on it.

I also put another coat of spray paint on the tv tray tables I picked up from freecycle a few weeks ago. Since I can't decide if I want them black or white...two of them are black and two of them are white...for now. If I can find a pretty paper, I might do that on each of them. In the meantime, one more coat of paint tomorrow, and I think I'll put a top coat of something on them and go ahead and use them.

My MM? My fingers...during and post painting. I also dumped about a half can of a pretty blue into a white to lighten it's going in a half bath with no natural light, on a hallway with no natural light...I brushed a bit on the wall to check that it is light enough and I am concerned that it is 'chalky'. Any suggestions on how to prevent that?

WHEN did I grow my mother's hands? I wish I had Nester's sister's pretty little hands...but I'm 5'7", so they would look really silly...

I'd forgotten this one too. Our house is pale grey with white trim. The house colors were also in white. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to see white numbers on a grey house at night? Impossible. Here they are today. I am embarrassed that it has taken 7 years to paint them...took me 5 min...and they are wood grained plastic. They spared NO expense in this 80s house (that we rent). I've realized that ALL the wood trim in the place is plastic, so I'm going to be painting some of it.


Need to clean the glass on that lamp though...I wonder where the switch is to turn it on....

Hopefully by next Monday, I'll have Sunshine's bed painted and put back together. I must say, that spray paint version of Kilz absolutely was quick and neat. Two things that I am normally NOT.

Head over to Susan's and check out the other lovelies. And take some time to remember our fallen soldiers and vets that have passed on. Memorial Day is a Federal holiday to commemorate those who died in military service. Originally commemorating Union Soldiers after the Civil War.

We must remember, Freedom isn't free...and the moment we forget that, is what we begin to lose it.

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