Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saying Goodbye to old friends

I received word yesterday on my FB account (and my cell which I had not checked) that an old friend from college died suddenly. As she died at her home, there will be an investigation and autopsy, so who knows.

Terry had spina bifida. When we first met in the gymnastics booster club in college, she was going back and forth between crutches and the wheelchair. When I look back, I am thinking she probably went to the chair mostly around 1980. I realize now that I just didn't notice. She never made a big deal about it, so it wasn't. I recall pushing her up a slight hill at school and telling her that the next hill she was pushing and I was riding. We got so tickled that we had to turn sideways and laugh so we stopped losing ground. Terry was never a victim or an obnoxious advocate, she was just there and so was her chair. I'm sure it was a real pain, but she never complained. Okay, sometimes about a broken place in the pavement, but we got her over it and that was it. I met her the September or October after I met my husband...so I've known her almost as long as I have known him.

We wrote periodically over the years and when email arrived, we stayed in regular touch. She loved scrapbooking, her nephew, animals, giraffes in particular, and Bobby Sherman ;D (whom she met several times and is apparently a very kind and gracious man). She has believed so hard in her nephew and been so encouraging to him that I am concerned for him also. Her stories of evacuating during Hurricanes Rita and Ike were pretty funny. Incredibly annoying at the time, but very funny. Her wit and light will be sorely missed. I found her obituary today in the Houston paper...Terry walked into Heaven....it was perfect...she's walking and reunited with a dear friend of ours from college that she absolutely adored....I think she loved him for years. And I am sure that she is seeing her father, and checking in on our youngest son for us.

Perfect song for her....bye Terry. I'll miss you...and now who is going to send me pretty cards stuffed full of confetti???



  1. i'm very sorry to hear about your friend, its really hard when we loose a loved one,i was there a few weeks ago.i'm sure you know shes in a better place...take care of yourself...


  2. Oh I am so very sorry about the loss of your friend. May your memories be a comfort to you.

    I will do a lemon bread tutorial in the near future.


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