Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Snickerdoodle and I went out for a bit on Saturday. She was trying to find a swimsuit that didn't show everything, was not frumpy, did not cost an arm and a leg. Right. Stop laughing, right now. If I couldn't laugh at the time, neither can you. I thought a tankini would be really cute on her. I had very similar specifications in a swimsuit at her age and would have loved a tankini...they just were not available at the time...5 years later, I could find them.

Anyway, she stopped by Plato's Closet to sell some stuff and found a really cute pair of capris. Then to Goodwill (should have gone to Savers) but anyway, in we went. No jeans (I have better luck at Savers for jeans/slacks), but I found the cutest little lamp. Black metal and a shade that had beaded fringe and beads around the top...around $5.50 for the pair. I DID have a yellow wooden one in my hand, but saw this one instead.

I was pretty pleased with my find. No idea of the retail price, but I know it's not $2.99...I was VERY pleased with myself. We got out to the truck and climbed in, and my daughter showed me what she'd bought. For ONE dollar. Each..color me deflated...really deflated.

Sheesh. I should be very proud of her but, sigh, she outscored me...vinyl, excellent shape. Sigh. A dollar each. ETA: Guess I could have mentioned the names. Both albums are the Eagles...their FIRST one and On the Border. sigh. Now she has to find a turntable she can afford ;D

And on that sad note, skip over to Southern Hospitality and check out the other goodies. I'm just going to sit here and sulk a while.


  1. Love the lamp. Glad your son's surgery went well. Loved the way you shared the story. :)

  2. Good morning! I saw your comment at We Are THAT Family about your 9YO daughter's reluctance to read. Here are a few book suggestions for you.

    1. Junie B. Jones series. She's probably been acquainted with these, but in case not, they're hilarious!

    2. American Girl books. The books that correspond with the American Girl dolls are fantastic, wholesome books, and they're geared toward girls ages 8-10.

    3. Childcraft Series. I don't know if you've heard of Childcraft, but they're kind of an encyclopedia for kids. You can likely find them on ebay or amazon and buy them individual volume at a time. My 6YO daughter carries them around everywhere, especially the one on Earth and Space. She's fascinated.

    Hope this helps!
    And as a former teacher, holding her back to allow her to catch up and get confident is the best choice you could possibly make for her. You're only setting her up to succeed. Don't worry about the teasing. It will be less of a problem than you think, and the benefits of holding her back far outweigh the potential teasing.

  3. Sounds like a fun time! Thanks for playing today.

  4. That is a great lamp! Ha, ha that was funny about the shirt. I'll have to get my grumpy bub one. That's not the first time another mom has told me her middle child is moody as well. Must be a middle child thing! Thanks for visiting! :-)

  5. Don't sulk too long. Will she let you listen? If not, then you sulk. The lamp is a cool find though. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  6. Emily B - we're not worried about her 'feelings'...we're evil like that. We figure she'll get over it and her education is more important. Her sister was held back a year same problem and she is a top student now, graduating next year, honor rolls and high honor rolls...25 page junior thesis and next year is a 40 page senior thesis, 20 page oral and defense. We want her to be able to work with confidence that she can do this...we'll support her emotionally, lots of hugs, etc., I think her poor teacher was more upset than we were...we'd already suspected it :D

  7. Cute lamp! What a deal! Your comment you left cracked me up...I guess I did drag you all around today, didn't I?

  8. Hello there. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love your music choice.Have a fab day.

  9. Hello Susie Q!
    What a great lamp!

    I love your comments about the importance of reading and teaching your kids to think and be confident/competent. Also am in total agreement with Emily B on all counts. To put in my two cents about books, I always liked the mystery series when I was nine and ten (Nancy Drew was my favorite). It was also about that time I discovered Louisa Mae Alcott and read and reread here books. They may be too old fashioned for kids these days, but my children really enjoyed them too (they were teenage and college age now). We also like Madeleine L'Engle (Wrinkle in Time) and all the Frances Hodges Burnett books (Little Princess and Secret Garden). Thanks so much for the nice note. Our neighborhood squirrel is begging at the kitchen window so I'd better go give him/her a treat!

  10. Thanks for popping over to my blog and entering into my draw!

  11. What a great lamp. Sorry that your daughter outscored you. That's funny. My daughter doesn't enjoy going thrift shopping with me yet. I think that will change. She gets tired and ornery--though she doesn't mind the things I buy for her, so it's just the shopping part.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. Nice to "meet" you!

  12. hey Susie!

    Love the lamp! very chic :) the base looks similar (if not identical) to the one in my bedroom. I guess great minds think alike. hee-hee!

    It took my hubby a while to get used to the remote basket. Training our guys is tough stuff, huh? :)

    Thanks for stopping by "too Blessed to Stress" I hope that you'll come back often.

    Can't wait to see more of you bargain finds.

    Blessings, Emily from too Blessed to Stress

  13. Hi Susie!

    I love the lamp. The base looks very similar (if not exactly) to the one in my bedroom. I guess great minds think alike. hee-hee!

    It took my hubby quite a while to get used to the basket for remotes. It's tough work to train these guys of ours, huh?

    Well thanks for stopping by "too Blessed to Stress" I hope that you'll come back often

    Blessings, Emily from too Blessed to Stress

  14. Great lamp! I have a VERY similar one on top of our piano :) and kuddos to your daughter on the Eagles (whom I love!) albums....turntables are coming back and becoming more mainstream so keep your eyes open for sales at the big box stores! :) thanks for stopping my my blog :)


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