Saturday, August 1, 2009


I think we either love it or hate it. It does drive me nuts that I know the minutae of the games/applications that my friends are using. I am SURE there is a way to turn it off, but I've not found it yet. But I will, 'cause I don't care. I want to know about their families, enjoy their pictures, etc., but the other I can do without.

And there are 'consequences' to it. The heartbreak that goes along with it.Finding out that the boy you had a crush on for ages did NOT age well. But I'm sure he's still the sweet man who married my friend. Secret satisfaction when you realize that you do look better than some of them, and the chagrin when you realize that some of them look better than you do ;D. And finding out that the sweet kid that had a major crush on you, the kid that had the guts to honor you when he first got his license and a car by asking you to be his first date in it. And that he didn't hold it against you when you had to turn him down as you had just met the man you were going to marry 2 years later. And the joy that he didn't hold it against you all those years and still held you affectionately in his memories, as you did him.

And the sorrow when you find that the parents of your friends have passed away. The ones who welcomed you into their homes (or not), the ones who teased you and worried over you. And the sorrow when you learn of teachers who have passed away, or the shock when the spouses of classmates or schoolmates pass away or are ill. Without FB, I wouldn't know that. But I also wouldn't have the privilege of praying for them and knowing that is one way of comforting them. And what a tremendous opportunity to also have them praying for you. And how cool is that? And what do people do when they don't have a 'connection' of some sort that they can call on prayer warriors when they need to and even when they don't?

Just a few thoughts on a sunny Saturday afternoon. When you are painting or sorting through paint at the landfill, you have a lot of time to think.

Happy Saturday everyone. And the rattan chairs are looking mighty fine!


  1. i absolutely loathe those "which brady kid are you" or "which color are you" stuff but i have learned that i can hide it and i do! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. I block the polls and stuff, but I am still trying to figure out how to block the game notifications before I go nuts. Not that it is a long trip.....


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