Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Thrifty Thursday and Thrifty Treasures Monday

Okay, I had to add the button and toss this in for Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures. See? I finally managed to get the button done.

Made another run to Goodwill Thursday for a couple of candlestick lamps I had seen Wednesday. Someone else had bought my Lucy Vitavegamin metal sign though. Shoulda hidden the thing!

Filled a cart then wandered around adding and thinking and subtracting. Realized that since I have been seeing a number of the metal wall vases, I will probably see a few more. So I grabbed the lamps and will use them with shades I picked up free in Denver. The one on my side of the bed appears to need to be rewired...but it's a hard can that be? It's a 3 way so I plan to use the wiring from the lamp it is replacing and paint the part that shows white. I'll keep one shade I had used, then I will take the other lamp and shade to Savers or Goodwill. Funny, do my donations at Savers and money at Goodwill recently.

I am guessing Target had recently sent stuff over as I grabbed a skirt that I thought Target wanted too much for. It's white so I can only wear it a week or so, but I have it for next spring and summer so it's all good. Hmm..guess I need to be ready to put away the white flipflops too with the flower and get another pair for fall. Yes, I still adhere to 'don't wear white after Labor Day or before Easter'. I think that it is tattooed on my bum somewhere. ;D

So here are my goodies.

Goodwill 082609 

The pics with the small frames are for our bathroom as I redo it. They are on the wall now and I plan to replace the towel rod with a shelf made from a small shutter and put hooks to hang my t-shirt that I use to dry my hair. (naturally curly doesn't snag on a t-shirt the way it does on towels...less frizz).

Once I decided to go with a sort of beachy feel to our family room, I've been looking for stuff...and I found these two shell  displays. I am removing the frames and painting them white, along with the frames on the ones I bought last week. My biggest problem will be deciding how to display them. I think I will use the two narrow ones on the outside and these two vertically between them...or maybe just in a row across the wall and use another long shutter for a shelf under them and figure out a display for's a long wall and I had a bigger pic there. I also found two larger pics at GW that I am going to try to go back and get if they are there when my next unemployment check comes in. if not, oh well. I'll find something else. Wasn't sure where I'd have put them anyway...maybe youngest daughter's room.

Anyway, here is a close-up of one particular find. Bill,'s for you. And your dad. ;D I'm not sure what her name is's hard to understand her through the muffling effect of the plastic.

Goodwill flamingo

Now to get this silliness posted before midnight Mountain Time...technically it is no longer Thursday in Bloggeritaville, but it still is in my world.

PS: I did work on the lamp on Friday morning. I took an old yucky lamp and broke it for the cord. The socket wouldn't come apart on it, so I took another one that was actually already kind of stoved in at the back, but still usable. Besides, it was in the bedroom and not visible. Grabbed the socket from it and replace the old one. The cord was not the problem. Now I have a length of white cord with plug and a length of black cord with plug for future replacements! guess I need to start me a little storage bucket for that stuff.


  1. My mom is doing her bathroom in a beachy theme.
    I gave her a white plate I got a the dollar store and a star fish I got while on vacation. She plans to glue the star fish to the plate and use it in her bathroom.

  2. Ally...what a great idea! I think I'll have to find a starfish too...actually probably buy one unless I can figure out how to get my shell lamp apart and use the shells out of there.

  3. Great finds! Love the lamps.

  4. Love the shell pictures. We live close to the beach and have tons of shells. My son loves shells and they are all over his room.

  5. Great finds! Thanks for linking up tot Thrufty Thursday with your treasures!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  6. I can see right off we have much in common...'I can fix that myself'...

    I did a post on faux brick floor painting several months ago but I plan to do a repeat soon. I did the one you saw and then a larger sun porch, too.

    Thanks for visiting with me...please do come again....Betty


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