Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nancy and the Astroturfers

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this today. I went to his website and read the entire thing. Wish I'd been in Denver yesterday. It would have been worth missing the garage sales I went to just to voice my opinion. Oh well, there is a rally here on August 22 that I'll be joining. Yes, I belong to a Tea Party group and I oppose the health care 'reform' that our president and Congress are pushing. (I told you there would be some politics here)

Here is an excerpt and a few pictures from El Marco's site. Please hop over and see more.

This was the scene when I arrived at Stout Street Clinic in downtown Denver. Nancy Pelosi is to pay a visit to the clinic within the hour. About 200 people opposed to Obama’s healthcare agenda braved the mile high Denver sun and high temperatures to show their opposition. Their signs indicate that they are well aware that they have been vilified and targeted in an Oval Office astroturfing campaign designed to discredit their opposition.

First let’s look at the messages and faces of these hardy dissenters. Take a close look so you can compare them to the community organizers who will soon enter the scene and harass them. These citizens have been described by the Democratic National Committee in an ad as “angry mobs organized by desperate Republicans and their well funded allies.

The Democrat party that funneled billions in the stimulus package to ACORN community organizers to organize, protest and agitate, this same party is now livid that private citizens attend townhall meetings.

These protesters told me that they pay their own way and question what the government is attempting to do to their health care.

I've talked to our representatives. They will not be taking the public option on healthcare. They will keep their gold-plated benefits for life. Including Bennet (D-CO) who is said to be a 'placeholder' for Gov. Ritter til he leaves office. Betsy Markey (D-CO) will not be taking it either, and neither will Mark Udall. They are all first termers and, I am hoping, single termers. But in a way, that doesn't matter. They will get hefty pensions and lifetime healthcare for two years or six years of service. Why is that right? Why do they get that?

I think Congress' benefits should be chosen and voted on by the people they represent. They should be allowed no say in what they receive. They get a raise every year, month long vacations and vacations that I pay for every year.


  1. Great post, Susie. As you suspect from my blog, I'm also against Obama care and have protested in local tea party rally too. Both my husband and I are very concerned where this administration is taking this country to...

  2. they all make me sick and i am voting all of them out. i am so sick of this government i could scream!!!!

    smiles, bee

  3. EXCELLENT post - and so important to get the 'other' side out - if this gets rammed down our throats, I can't wait for the next election!


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