Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thrifty Monday and Met Monday Sneak Peak

I went to Denver on Sunday for the day. Snickerdoodle won tickets, backstage passes AND private porta-potty passes to the Warped Tour this weekend. She's never been to an event like this and I told her those potty passes will be worth GOLD to her towards the end of the day ;D

Anyway, Sunshine and I were out on Friday to get school supplies so I had the truck. There is a senior housing place near us, cute LITTLE places...maybe 800 SF, but they are all single so I'm sure it's enough. Not much as they have already cleared out a lot of their things to move in. However, I found enough stuff ;D $10 so I was pleased.$3 VCR with remote (owned by a little old lady and only used on Sundays to view sermons taped by her son ;D) A very shallow bowl with a basket weave pattern around it for $1, the Christmas/Easter ornaments were $1.25. At the next one, a white glass wall lamp, hanging metal flower or greenery container that is being painted black as I type, and two cotton pillow cases with a crocheted blue trim and a Slip and Slide for $2!!! I offered her $5 for the 'box' and her daughter said YES! Sunshine did have to run back to get the kitty tin for a quarter.

Thrifty Monday2

I washed and starched the pillow cases.


Assembled the slip and slide (this is my Met Monday) This thing to the right actually goes over the slip and slide and when you use a hose splitter, it also pours water over you as you go under it.TMafter

This is the flower hanger that was in the first picture. I painted it black and hung it by the front door. I think I am going to have to painted the 'frame' for the doorbell black also.

flower holder painted black

I made my weekly trip to the landfill and grabbed several cans of black paint, a can of pink paint, various little things and a bottle of THIS!

Mrs. Stewart1

I've never used it and not sure if I ever will. Maybe I'll make a laundry room vignette using that and the box of Faultless Starch I found a month or so ago. Of course, that would mean I would need to DO something with the laundry room in a rental where I am not allowed to redo the cabinets (or tear them out and put shelves and would be an absolute nightmare to paint as it has the furnace, hot water heater and washer/dryer in there...all on one wall. The cat's dish is on top of the dryer so the dog won't get into it, his litter box is in there as he refused to use it when I moved it to the garage and just went behind the door. He doesn't like change ;D Maybe when I get my own laundry room.

And here's the sneak peek for Met Monday...hopefully finished within the month. Unbelievably hideous fabric, but the batting wrapped foam is in excellent shape.


Sunday I drove down to Denver and oh my! I stopped at a yard sale that had gone to the FREE status. Charming little house that needed some TLC to be a great place. I got two dozen canning jars! FREE! I got 14 of the pint wide mouth jars (new drinking glasses!), 6 of the half pin ones for Sunshine to use, an odd size/shape on that I will use for a decorative thingie or storage. I also found TWO older aqua colored ones and one that is a pale green. I think the green one would be older, but I have to do some research.

I also scored NINE lampshades! I think I picked up around $60 worth of shades for FREE! This is all the free score in the chair. Sorry that the pic is awful.

So slide on over to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality at Home and Susan's Between Naps on the Porch and see what else was found!


  1. Wow... that Mrs. Stewart looks mighty fierce. Starchy, eh? Hahahaha... sorry couldn't resist. Love your finds -- amazing free bargains. Any plans for all the lampshades?


  2. Cass...NO clue on the lampshades. I actually am already using one...when I painted the floor lamp in the den, I put the harp somewhere and I can't find the stinkin' thing again so........the shade was too long. I grabbed one of the 'new' shades and cleaned it off and voila! It is nice again!

    I think the blue floral ones will be for our bedroom and not a clue on the others. If nothing else, I can recover them. ;D

  3. I didn't know anyone starched anything anymore. How brave of you.

  4. KBeau, these are the ones that go on the front of the sleeping pillows...just to look pretty. And I've always done the cuffs, plackets and collars of button shirts. My mom actually ironed the neckline on Cabinet Man's t shirts when she came up for a week or so when we lost our son in 93. After she went home, he came in after getting ready for work and said, "I think your mom ironed the necks on my tshirts" in the most wondering tone of voice. It was good for a giggle that I desperately needed & I know it was a gesture of love on her part...and some helplessness that she couldn't do more than laundry & clean...which was a huge blessing.

  5. Free is the best ! I love those pillowcases , so pretty ! You really did great and sounds like you had fun ! We finally had a really nice weekend !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. I always love free! :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am loving my kitchen timer, and now I have some more ideas to use it for...besides cooking and nap time. ;)


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