Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Well, I didn't manage to post for Monday at Rhoda's after all but since I have a few more things for Leigh's...yay! Here's to Bloggeritaville!

When I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago,  along with the Ball jars, I got THIS!

wicker chair and ottoman

Look at the price(s). Each.

Price paid

Well, I dug through my purse and pockets and came up with $12 so I offered her that for just the chair. She said okay and came to help me load the jars and chair in the car...and threw in the ottoman! I had taken a minute and called my BIL to see if I could stick it in the basement of the house they are building (I was driving a Prius that day and had room on the way home for either the chair and ottoman or the was a tough call ;D

My Goodwill run last week netted me these lovelies. Not pictured are the school supplies that I scored. The shell pics are numbered, but I can't find the artist info anywhere. Two metal lamps and my free shades from Denver fit...a white planter, the flowered plant pot.

Goodwill week of 820

sunshine and backpack

Closeup of shell plants.

Shell pics

$3.00 lamp and one of my free shades from Denver.

$3.00 lamp and free shade1

And THIS is today's Goodwill find. I've found 3 VERY similar black metal lamps in 3 sizes over the summer at Goodwill and another pretty metal one that might be painted white or black, for around $16.00...including shades. I found this one today and did lamp rearranging. This one went over by Cabinet Man's reading chair, the first one I found went back in the entryway and the smallest one back out to the garage until I decide what to do with it. It might end Goodwill find 82509 up on my buffet....not sure. I have wanted one of the candle wall wreaths for ages but not willing to pay the price of $30-50! I do need to get little tea light holders, but I can find those really inexpensively. $4 for the candle wreath, $4 for the lamp/shade. The shade looks like leather and it is really pretty.

Please excuse the tape on the wall. I'm painting tomorrow and Friday as Cabinet Man and Snickerdoodle are going to Denver to a client's home to install a staircase railing, newels and spindles. Should be gorgeous. Here is what I helped with on Monday afternoon and Tuesday AM...upper cabinets, corner cabinet and SOLID maple butcher block countertops. Those suckers weigh a TON! I was secretly (okay, it was a secret!) proud of myself for being able to manhandle and lift them like I did. I had a chiropracticly induced stroke in 1994 and my right grip has never been as strong as before. So I was pretty excited that I didn't drop anything, was able to hold things up, etc.

Partially complete kitchen with morning light and watermark

Scoot over to Leigh's and check out other finds from wonderful bloggers (and non bloggers!)


  1. What a deal on that chair and ottoman! I love the lines of the ottoman. Really like the lamps too.

  2. Love the lamps, but you really scored on the wicker. I'm jealous!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  3. You did good - especially on the wicker furniture.

  4. LOVE your finds! That candle holder is to doe for, would love it but not paying reatil, seen them everywhere, never under $20

  5. What great finds! The wicker chair and ottoman are such a steal - lucky you :)

  6. The wicker was a STEAL. I miss having my front porch and all of the wicker on it (stoops stink - just my opinion).

    Have a great day!

  7. What great finds! I love that candle holder and lamp!

  8. What great thrifty treasures you have shared today! I cannot wait to see what you do with the wicker furniture. Good for her for throwing in the whole lot! Thanks for linking up, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  9. When she and her cutie kiddies helped me put the chair and ottoman in the car, I almost threw my arms around her...but I don't think her partner would have appreciated it. I did pass up the pretty wooden chair with a needlework money, no room. I hope someone gave it a lovely home.

  10. Love the wicker furniture and the price!!


  11. Is that YOUR house in the header????? If so - - - I want to be invited inside!!!! :-)


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