Saturday, July 11, 2009

Garage Sale Finds and Freecycle SCORE!

Okay, unless you are actually PLANNING on going to a garage sale, don't go for a morning walk with money in your pocket ;D Okay, so I didn't get to the sale that I WAS going to...I only had $10. And for a grand total of $7.25, I got 11 valances. 10 of them were cream colored. They are poly, but that is okay. 16" long. I put 3 of them up over the kitchen window, 5 of them over the picture window in the front room and two of them will go over the narrower window. The last one is a green and white check. And since I have thrown two green and white tablecloths over the sofa in the loft, it works! I got two pretty little glass boxes and a handful of fishing rods and one reel. Cabinet Man has promised to take Sunshine fishing this summer and he looked them over and said that he can put them back together and get at least 2 rods out of them. I'll use the others to decorate with. Maybe frames?

garage sale 0711 

Cabinet Man used to have several rods, including one that had been his since childhood. Operative words there? USED to. When we lived in NC, he looked out back one day and Specialist and College Dude were sword fighting. Using the fishing rods. Yeah, they were in trouble.

We have a 'history' of fencing in the family. When the kids were little, we used to watch Highlander: The Series. Starring Adrian Paul. Darn. I can't get pics but here's the link. Serious eye candy. Anyway, our kids used to watch it with us. Still don't see a problem with it. Anyway, I went to pick Snickerdoodle up after school and one of the cafeteria aides stopped me and said that my daughter had gotten into trouble that day for fencing in the cafeteria. With a fork. I asked her who won. I don't think that was the response she was expecting. So I explained that we watched the show as a family (unless the kids were playing). She asked me if I was concerned about the 'violence' in the show. My answer.

"No, not at all. They know it is pretend and not real. However, the lessons that they take away are very valuable. The character is a good man struggling in a day to day world. He is doing his best, but there are people that he encounters that are looking for trouble. My kids learn NOT to go looking for trouble, but to be ready when it appears and that self-defense is always acceptable. Good and bad are present in the world and we all have choices to make. So no, I am not worried about the violence. Frankly, I'm more worried about their exposure to moral equivalency and political correctness."

When I went into the classroom to pick her up, I told Snickerdoodle's teacher what the aide had said to me. I told her we watch Highlander. Mrs. C said yeah, he can put his boots under my bed any time. i\I loved that teacher ;D

Now my freecycle score. We have a resin table and chairs on the back patio. I have 4 metal chairs in the garage to paint and make cushions for. but was waiting to decide on the color. I was on freecycle last night and saw a listing for a rattan table and 4 chairs. I emailed him as fast as I could and I was FIRST! He had 30 responses and I was FIRST!

Freecycle ultimate score so far

freecycle ultimate score 2

The back on one chair needs to be repaired. I just HAPPEN to have a rattan beach mat that I pick up a few years ago at Pier 1. I've used them to keep the glare of the sliding door glass, but didn't work too well. Anyway, I can use that to repair the back on the chair! The tabletop has been replaced at some point and I wonder if I want to put lexan on there now or just paint it. I'm thinking of painting the table itself white and each chair a different soft color. Aqua, yellow, green and peach. I'll have to see what is out at the dump, etc. I'll do this set carefully. Sand down, probably using the liquid sander. Talk to Cabinet Man about replacing the plywood on the seats, fix the rattan back and paint them. Then onto the back patio. I'll have to decide on how to store them in the winter. Probably the garage, but I have to clean that out better too. I am SOO excited. I've already posted the green resin set on freecycle and probably need to CL it also.The rattan set will be a Met Monday by the end of the month.

Cabinet Man is doing work for a couple and they asked him if he could disposed of a huge corner desk...perfect size for a shop bench so it came home with us...all 400 lbs of it. AND they bought a new flatscreen TV and gave us the old one. Picked it all up today with the help of some sweet young men who are now in the den watching the new TV and eating pizza and having a beer. They moved the desk out of the house and to the shop, the TV into the truck, to the house. Old den TV upstairs, TV upstairs is going home with one young man and new to us TV in the den. Those suckers weigh a ton, but they are up for it.

All in all, a VERY successful day weekend! Wow, was it just the weekend? Scoot over to Rhoda's and see other goodies!


  1. Your garage sale finds are just wonderful. I really love the cream valances and I'm sure your DH will get good use out of the fishing rods. YOur freecycle is awesome. I can't wait to see it all fixed up. It will look awesome. YOur other free finds are unbelievable. We got an upgrade to our TV from a friend. So now we have a 36" one. It is so nice to have a little larger screen and especially for free. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great score on the rattan set! I really like the idea of painting each chair a different color. Hope you'll show what they look like when you're done!

  3. You scored big time with the freebies ! Good girl ! I bet the table will be so cool - make sure to post some pics, k ?
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. Oh, that's a great find for free on the table & chairs. Can't wait to see them all fixed up.

  5. I ove your Highlander story... I think it was on before kiddos for me so did not have to justify watching it with the kiddos, but honestly, some cartoons on tv are a lot more violent and without the lessons being able to talk.

    I am a mom who let my three year old and continue to let them watch spongebob. .. oh, some parents had issues with that. .. please, it was the only cartoon I could stand to watch with them...

    Have a great week.

  6. Awesome finds and love your freebies, those chairs and table are awesome!

  7. Great freebie! Gotta love freecycle


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