Monday, July 27, 2009

Thrifty Met Monday

Thrifty Monday again over at Rhoda's Check out her new blog address too. AND, we can't leave out Susan at One day I WILL have an MM worthy of the blog. I love the changes to her deck/porch.

I hit Goodwill on Friday evening. College Dude was going to play computer games with the guys, so after I dropped him off, I swung back by the GW to dig through the flatware. I scored Oneida, WS Rogers and the two knives on the right side of the bottom left actually match the flatware I bought just before we got married. No silver or silver plate, but at one thin dime per piece, I'll live. I'm gradually getting rid of some seriously ugly plastic handled stuff I have and the flatware with the country blue and the green handles will go with College Dude when he moves out. Or with Snickerdoodle when she goes to college next year. She'll need a few pieces, even living in the dorm. Hmm, need to start collecting dorm stuff for her after I get a list.

Goodwill finds

Anyway, the small Pyrex bowl was $1.99, the pretty coffee mug inside it was 49 cents and the Hello Kitty purse with the 'bling' was $1.99. After all, what is a Hello Kitty bag without bling?

Saturday they were having 50% off so I did go back over at 9 to see if they still had a bamboo box that I saw. I liked it for videos, but decided I'd just take a chance. Should've gone with hubby to run his early errands and I could have gotten it. Oh well. I did go back again that afternoon. Cabinet Man paid Snickerdoodle for the hard work she did last week helping him lay a hardwood floor for a client, so she wanted to shop. Plato's Closet for jeans and a free top (coupon!), then back to Goodwill for their 99 cent jeans for me. Yeah, nothing depresses me more than trying on jeans and bras. So I was out walking again the AM and plan to work up to running by the fall. The jeans were cute and they WILL fit better in 2 weeks and really well in 4 and I want them to be too large by Christmas.So much for a short post. ;D

And for Met Monday....two weeks ago I found a coffee table that I really liked the lines of at a garage sale on Friday. I was taking Caleb for a walk (in hopes of making him tired so he'd stop trying to throw me down the stairs). So there I am, out with NO cash. I asked them to hold it for me for 15 min. We charged home, I turned him loose in the backyard, grabbed College Dude's bike and money and a business card and went over. I paid them for the table, and gave them a business card with CM's business number and my cell on the back. I had to go back later when I'd have a vehicle and a strong back.  This is what I took home.

coffee table before

When I cleaned it up and went to work on the legs, I found 3 of these.

coffee table feet

Being the wife of a custom cabinetmaker, I called him to see if he had any of them. Of course not. He doesn't use them! So I went digging in the garage to see if I could find something to put on the 4th foot. Of course not. Hmmm...I see washers though. Lots of them in several sizes. So I did some digging and figured out a way to use them. Liquid Nails and washers. One leg at a time, I scuffed up the washers, smeared LN on a washer and stacked them up. I used 3 or 4 per leg. I cleaned up the excess around them. Then painted over them. After a few hours, I turned the table over to rest on them and moved it into the garage.


While I was at it, I coined a new phrase....bloggiengineering. You've heard of Aggie engineering (for you Texans out there), Jerry rigging (old WWII term), redneck tech, etc. Well, since bloggers are a resourceful group, I coined a word for our inventiveness. Here's my finished project. It still needs tweaking and fluffing, but I like it and as it was the first thing CM saw when he came in from Denver after a week away, his immediate reaction was what I wanted. He likes it too, along with his 'girlie' chair, the paint colors, all of it!

coffee table after

I also found out on Friday night that the wife of an old HS friend (finally managed to place her also tonight) has cancer. She was hospitalized on Friday night with a high fever that they couldn't get down. It finally broke on Sunday shortly after midnight and she is coherent again. They've been together for wow, I'm guessing 32 years now and she is at the end of the battle. One round of chemo (Aug 2008 - Jan 2009) and surgery in Jan 2009 didn't eradicate it. It spread to her spine, liver and other organs. They really didn't think that she would make it through Saturday night. But she's still here as of tonight. So prayers would be appreciate for Dana and Wes and their kids Travis (19) and Michelle (21). I've lost a father and a child, but I just cannot imagine going through this type of loss. They were so very sweet together in school...of course, in the 1970s, and 80s, there was still an innocence prayers for their families would be greatly appreciated. The next few months are going to be awfully hard.

Have a lovely week. I hope to have another goodie to show you on Thursday.


  1. Great finds and that table looks FABULOUS! So sorry about your friends wife, will definately keep her and the family in my prayers.

  2. Hi Susie !
    Sorry to hear about your friend, I will lift her and family up with prayer...
    Love your new table and you were so creative with the washers !!!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. That coffee table is great! What a transformation!

  4. Your coffee table transformation came out fabulous! Love the "bloggiengeering"!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. The table turned out beautiful. I love how crisp and white it looks.

    Sorry about your friend. I hope all will be well.

  6. That table is awesome, you did a beautiful job. Smart thinking usine the liquid nails and washers!
    Prayers for your friend, I' sorry to hear this news.

  7. Love all of your GW treasures. The coffee table is just wonderful. I love the lines of it. I will pray for your friend and her family, this is always so hard. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your cabinet maker husband probably didn't approve, but hey, washers work. I have used them myself for exactly this. Who is ever going to know? Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

  9. Do you think your new word will make it into a new and revised dictionary any time soon? LOL oooohh, I see a pyrex bowl in that pile... I want it! Sue

  10. Hi Susie Q,
    Nice job on the table (never would have thought to bloggiengineer with washers the way you did!). Nice flatware finds too ... definitely pays to dig sometimes!

    Sad news about the lady being in final stages. Sounds as if she's put up a brave fight.

    Always good to hear from you when you stop by. Blanche and Delaney sound like good names to me!

    Bye for now,

  11. Your table redo looks great.
    I am so sorry about your friend's wife.

  12. That's using your noodle! And your washers!

  13. Very fun finds! Love the transition.

    I will pray for your friends.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  14. The table is wonderful -- it looks fantastic. Your other finds are great -- you are a keen-eyed thrifter for sure!

  15. Hi,

    thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comment. Your table came out fabulous. I had to laugh at your earlier post on the lady with the thong hanging out! Too funny!

    Debbie :)

  16. Hello Susie - I'm lifting up your sweet friend in prayer! God is able!
    Love your coffee table make-over. It looks fabulous painted white! The legs are so unique. Thank you for sharing!


  17. That coffee table turned out so great! I love the legs on it. So sorry about your friend's wife. Prayers for her and her family.


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