Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thrifty Monday - SCORE!

I'm joining Rhoda's Thrifty Monday. I 'needed' a pretty pitcher for the lemonade I made today. I used to have a pretty curvy one that I got at Macy's on sale ages ago for less than $10, but broke it a few years ago. So off I went to Goodwill. Ugly pitchers were everywhere. Not a pretty one to be found.

So I was looking through Goodwill flatware and found a silver fork...and snagged a plastic bag of 'kitchen stuff". I glanced at it and saw a cheese grater, and a chopper, and for $2.99, thought that was good.

Got home and tore open the bag to wash it all and thought, wait, I need to take a picture. Arrange it and realize...all the pieces are Pampered Chef...and look awfully new. So off to their website I go.

Ladies, I scored around $60 worth of PC for $3.00! The chopper is $29.50, the egg slicer is $10.50 and the cheese grater is $19.50! I am SOOO excited!

Then I toddled (well, drive) over to Saver's to see if they have a pitcher and find one that might work...and it reminds me that I have a Toddy Maker at home. I've not used it in several years, but you use them to cold brew coffee. Supposedly less caffeine when you do it like that, and I drink decaf (Cabinet Man claims I am only drinking it for the color and smell--pooh on him. They are based in Louisiana when I called several years ago to replace the plugs and the customer service people are so very nice). So I went into the laundry room, grabbed the box and pulled the container out and washed it and it is perfect. So, a really thrifty score (free!) in my laundry room AND Goodwill.

I just realized that my new 'free' knife counts as a score also! Albertson's has them periodically. You know the kind. Certain weeks certain pieces are special prices, you can get 'extras' for them, etc. The Christmas glassware was pretty, but I was patient and scored a lot of it after Christmas. They very seldom have anything I want. But this time, they have knives. Thomas Rosenthal Group Professional Knife Collection. For ever $10 you spend, you receive a 'stamp', and so many stamps equals something. Sort of like the S&H Savings Stamps (Lord, I've not thought of those in ages!)

Anyway, after barely missing out on a knife giveaway at Pioneer Woman (I was the number AFTER the one chosen), I put aside my wish as we do have decent knives and I have a hubby who actually knows how to sharpen them and does. Well, last week we had enough stamps. I got my knife! And this is it with it's glorious 7" blade.

I love it. So now I am saving my little stamps to get either the smaller one or a utility knife. I need to clean out my knives Hm. I have a knife block, but wonder if I can get Cabinet Man to make me someplace to store my knives. I use old cereal boxes to make 'sleeves' for them to put them in the drawer. Our little ones are grown up and the littlest one knows not to mess with the kitchen knives. And now I am trying to decide if my $37 knife actually cost me $400! Well, no. We would have had to buy groceries anyway and it did take a while to add up to it. I'm not sure if we'll spend enough to get the second knife before it is over....but I'm still happy :D

So I had a very successful thrifty weekend...without even trying! So now, off to Rhoda's! Go on now...scoot!

PS: Has anyone noticed what a lame spellchecker Blogger uses? What dictionary are they using?

PPS: My new header picture comes by way of my very talented cousin Tina. She went to France again and I got these pictures. Next year "we're" going to Italy!


  1. You totally scored on that PC stuff! I have the chopper & the cheese grater & bought the chopper at a yardsale, brand new. I did have a PC party & got a LOT Of great stuff for really cheap too, so I can't complain about that.

    You did good this week!

  2. I love my PC tools and I am sure you will too! those prices were steals.

  3. now that's what i call a score!!! way to go!

    smiles, bee

  4. Your kitchen items were a real steal. You did really good, and I love the knife too. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hello !
    Love your new title picture !
    I wonder about those knives too.....
    I really don't ever look in the bags at the thrift store..maybe I should ! You did really
    well - I got a pampered chef measuring bowl a few weeks ago - brand new with all the tags and everything - go figure !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. What wonderful finds. I love finding kitchen things that I can wash and use that very day.


  7. Oh, gosh, Susie Q, I LOVE Pampered Chef things. We had tons of parties around here for awhile and then, poof...they were gone. I have several pieces are lucky to get those so cheap.
    xo bj

  8. I love my PC items as well. The ice cream scoop is still my best buy...we use it all the time and it works so good!!

  9. Hi SuzieQ, great finds! You saved a bundle! Don't you just love it when you find something so new and see the $$$ savings!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. I love that you found all those Pampered Chef goodies at the GW. My chopper is starting to fall apart, but no way am I paying almost $30 for a new one! I've always seen our grocery store doing those "give-aways for stuff but never any knives. Sounds good to me.

    I cannot finds MY santuko(I'm not sure how to spell the name) knife like that- it's a Wusthoff and worth $75. I think my kitchen helpers pitched it inadvertently when they finally decided to do dishes for me one night. I am not happy...

    I wanted to tell you not to take your sofa apart to add padding! Most manufacturers don't use much back there anyway, and it will be a job to get the fabric all stretched back and stapled anyway. My suggestion to you, is to re-pad the pillows. Add some dacron wrap around the pillow core. If it's not actually a core, then just use batting to re-stuff. That should add some stability to your sofa back. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to ya. :-) Sue

  11. Congratulations on the PC items! That was a STEAL! That's why I love thrifting--you never know what you'll run across.


  12. Oh I know that spellcheck is ridiculous! It doesn't have toile in it's data base. Do you know how many times I use the word toile! LOL

    You had a wonderfully thrifty week! Way to go on getting all those Pampered Chef things!


  13. HI, Susie, you got some great PC pieces. I have 2 of those myself, you got a great deal.

    Hey, next time, please link up the URL of your thrifty post & not just your blog url. Thanks! I fixed the link.

  14. That is truly a great deal. I was just at a PC party last week. I would love to come across a deal like that.

  15. I was wondering about that spell checker, too. hehehehehehehehe



  16. Those are some great deals! Love that free knife, I have one like it and use it everyday.

  17. So glad you like by new dog and thanks for stopping in. He is doing really well. We are thrilled. I am going to GW tomorrow. I hope I find a treasure! I will take some time to read some of your back posts. Come and visit again!

  18. wow! that's great! All that good stuff. Kelly


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