Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minor Rant on Kids' Clothes

I had to take Sunshine over to school for her summer school session yesterday. Since I had two hours to kill, I headed over to Starbuck's (I rarely go there) to take advantage of their free pastry coupon, grab a coffee and read for a bit. I was sitting outside and enjoying it when it appeared a woman came over to conduct an interview with a teen sitting there. She sat down with her back to me...and the sight pretty much destroyed my appetite for my delicious (it always tastes better when it is free) blueberry scone. Fortysomething, pants too low cut when she sat down and her leopard print thong in ALL it's glory. So I turned my chair around. I seriously contemplated taking a pic with my phone and posting it, along with the address on the various blogs around (LOLcats comes to mind).

I went back over to the school and picked up Sunshine and we headed home. As we were passing the mall, we decided to get off and walk around the pitiful excuse for a mall that we have. Seriously, it's sad. It even rates a mention on Really. Foothills Mall. Anyway, The Limited Too is closing so stuff was 50-60% off, so we stopped in. She had seen a pair of shorts and a top there last week on a trip with a little friend. I've decided that the same people designing clothes for 20somethings (and 40somethings who should know better) are also designing clothes for pre-teens (I refuse to use the word 'tweens'). I couldn't find a pair of shorts that didn't have her bottom hanging out of them or had writing across the bottom, and it was hard to find a shirt that wasn't too short. Unless I bought a bigger size, then the armholes were too big. I did find a pair of gray capri leggings that she loves and a cute pair of flipflops for less than $10. And the prices on the stuff. That's insane. I'll pay $30 (well, not really) for a top for myself, but not for a 9 year old!. I hesitate to do so for an 18 year old. Old Navy used to be a great standby for clothing when Snickerdoodle was young, but this is insane. No wonder there is such a huge market for second hand clothing and no wonder the government is trying to interfere with that particular market also. But I won't go into that here, other than to say I am getting sick and tired of this administration sticking their noses and hands into every single aspect of my life and business. The next elections cannot come around fast enough to suit me. I saw a movie ad the other day that was for a coming movie 2012...something to do with global warming from the looks of it...all I could think when I saw the buildings awash in water and other destruction was, 'That is the US when Obama finishes his first term."

I think I am going to start sewing again and Sunshine will get new shorts. I think I still have the old Stretch and Sew "Jams" pattern to make her shorts from. Heaven knows I still have miles of their sport elastic.


  1. i'd take the photo and post it! next time do it please! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Hi Susie Q,
    Your posts (and your comments) always make for enjoyable reading! Hope the rest of your weekend goes well.

    I'm taking good care of the pink birds for you!

    bye for now ...


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