Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Newest Family Member (and Dana update)

Well, most of you know about my flamingo love (pretty weird actually). McDonald's is including teeny beanies in their Happy Meals again. You KNOW where this is going. Yes, I made that woman behind the counter get me one. Actually, I asked nicely and then she made the other woman putting together the meals go into the back and get me one. ;D

Meet Splits. ;D

Newest family member

Dana is resting comfortably, so that is a plus. The family is at the hospital at last report. Apparently it is an aggressive type of breast cancer. I ran across some old HS pics and it finally triggered more memories. She's a real sweetheart...it was a very small school so we pretty much knew everyone. But thanks so much for all your prayers. I'll pass it on to her family.

I did some running around today also and found this pretty lamp. $20, which I didn't think was too much. But WHERE to put it? I could probably find a place.


I did find a pair that would look pretty in our bedroom when I paint it...but didn't get a pick. But $24 for a PAIR of cut glass lamps? Not bad at all I thought. DH said he'd consider it. Responsibility and stewardship and all that jazz ;D But I have an interview on Friday so I could be working again (at least temporary) by next week!

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  1. Glad Dana is doing well. That lamp is awesome, for $20, a steal!


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