Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I could use some suggestions

I trash picked this window screen ages ago and it has sat in the garage. There were actually two of them and one has been painted pale blue and is over the sofa in the den.

Sunshine's bedroom only has one window--for that matter, there is one window per room in the whole house except the living room, where there is a picture window and a narrow window so you can see the front door. Anyway, I have some old windows that I was thinking about mounting on the long outside wall with no windows. Until I realized, uh, 9 years old. Infinitely bad idea. BUT, I have the screen. I scrubbed it up today and I won't repaint it, but I will paint the screening. It has some rusty places on it and I have some hammered silver rust inhibitor paint (I LOVE the landfill recycling!) so I'll use that all over the screen.


Please ignore the unmown yard (it's not Friday yet) and the bucket that held soap I cleaned her with).

Now, I'd like her to be able to use to like a bulletin board or something like that to put pics on, but I've not the faintest clue what to use to stick things on. I COULD stick a piece of corkboard on the back, but her walls are pink and it looks rather cute with the pink wall showing through.

Any ideas? I'm stumped on this one.

Cabinet Man and I went to lunch yesterday at Washington's.'s an old burger and beer joint here in town. It's been here at least 25 years as we went there when we lived here before. I should go in and take regular pics of all the stuff hanging up, but this chandy caught my eye.

Chandy at Washingtons

Here's a close-up. The place is usually dark and, as usual, I'm using my cell.

washingtons chandy closeup

The light holders look rather like flowers. I was sitting there eyeing it and suddenly told CM, "I'll bet that would look great with the prisms cleaned up, more added and painted white." And usual, I got a cocked eyebrow, then he turned around and looked up and saw what I did.

I can so see that all cleaned up, shined and hanging on a porch. Wouldn't that be amazing and gorgeous? Maybe when I win the lottery I'll go in and make them an offer. Oh wait, in order to win you have to actually PLAY the lottery, right? Sigh. Oh well. But maybe, someday....


  1. Ummm...can't help you on the screen. Hmmm...unless you untwisted a paper clip and slipped it through the screen, then through what you want to attach?

    David does the same thing with his eyebrow! When we were in Boston, he actually suggested that I might offer 75 cents for a piece of facia in an old restaurant! ha!


  2. Mindy, don't you wish you could cock an eyebrow like that? I am so jealous of that talent! Or quirk or mutation or whatever you call it. I think one of the kids has it...but it can be so very expressive...and yeah, I get that cocked eyebrow and dubious look....a LOT. Oh well, he's used to me by now. Too much trouble to break in someone else.

  3. the screen... how about gluing some kind of clips or clothespins to the screen... cute if you decorated them like her room!

  4. are you using windows live writer? because i have a mac and i can't see any photos. that is probably why. sorry not to be of help!

    smiles, bee

  5. Dixie...that just might work! If I can convince her NOT to be too hard on them...

    Miss Bee, I'm emailing them to you.

  6. Hi Susie Q,
    I think using the screen door as a bulletin board is a great idea.
    I have a couple of suggestions, for what it's worth.
    You could put cork behind it and paint the cork with any remaining wall paint that you have. I have painted cork, and it takes a couple of coats and a brush, but it works. You might want to spray it with a spray primer first.
    You could also use ribbons stapled across the screen and into the sides of the door frame. You could then cover the stapled edges with a pretty coordinating ribbon. I think I would still put something behind the screen. Maybe homosote board. It's inexpensive and not terribly heavy. Again, you could paint it the wall color. You could even staple the ribbon to it to add some more places for the ribbon to catch the photos.
    I don't know if that will help, but it's what my brain could come up with. ;)
    Thanks for stopping by "The Zoo". Good luck with your lamp. I did use a satin finish on mine.

  7. Well you are just too funny girl! I love the old screen, but I'm stumped for ideas for ya. Will you post the finished product? I hope so!

  8. I guess I should say that anything 'new' that I post here, I'll show off the finished product.

  9. I think your idea of cork sounds great, or even just a simple fabric covered foam type with criss-crossed ribbons. I also love all the chalkboards everyone is doing. Wonder if that would work. That chandy is beautiful, how fun!


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