Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday and Thrifty Monday

Okay ladies. I admit, this is a very lame MM and TM. HOWEVER! If you look closely, for an MM, this DOES look better and for a TM, all I used were 3 or 4 staples. I'm not sure where the rope is to redo it.

The post originally was pretty cheap. Snickerdoodle dragged it home the summer she got DC. Cabinet Man put a new post on it and firmed it up and put new rope on it. I just wish it didn't sit in my LR....but honestly, that's pretty much the only place for it. If I put it in the den, DC would either scratch my beloved sofa OR Caleb would run into it while playing slobber chewy in the evenings.

So there is my VERY lame Metamorphosis Monday and Thrifty Tuesday. Take yourself over to Ravishing Rhoda's and Sensational Susan's at for the REAL metamorphoses and treasures that people have.


  1. You are so funny ! Lame ???LOL ! We all need posts like this, LOL !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    bet your kitty love it !

  2. Looks like a MM to me. Mine is not earth shattering either, but it made me happy, just like yours. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  3. I have four cats, some who shall remain nameless, think the couch is a scratching post and run away frightened from an actual scratching post I purchased. I like how yours is a long pole and I think I might have a new task for hubby, before we have to throw away the couch. Thanks for the idea! :O)

  4. We had the sofa before we had the cat. Once the malpractice suit was settled after my stroke, I wanted a REAL sofa and chair...just for us. I looked for months before I found it. I knew I wanted several different fabrics on it and everywhere I looked wanted outrageous charges for more than one fabric...until I found this one ;D Bought sofa and chair and am sorry we didn't buy the ottoman. It's denims and florals and I could kill any cat that tried to claw it. Or declaw them. I think it would depend on how easily I could dispose of the body.....we have foxes here in town here. Yeah, I could do it. Fortunately, he's a smarter cat than that.

  5. too funny..... But it really IS a change, small as it may be... so it qualifies! Just curious- I'm in the furniture biz and your statement about the sofa fabrics intrigues me- what did you want done and w/how many fabrics? Do ya have a pic? :-) Sue

  6. Looks good to me!! :) Thanks for stopping by today. :)

  7. LOL - it's not lame at all! It's something you
    altered! Good job!


  8. Hi - thanks for stopping by my blog. I've never done any MM posts (yet!). Does it count if I metamorphose into a human being after I've had my coffee?


  9. Hi Susie Q,
    So do you have a solution for dealing with a cat that likes to PEE on furniture (including a nice leather couch that had to be thrown away!)???

    I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment on my "mojito" post. Sorry, but I guess the pink flamingos stay here. They were bought about twenty years ago in a shop in Coral Gables, FL. Does that make them vintage (like me!)???

    Hope you'll visit again soon. I like your blog --- and your humor!
    Have a terriffic 4th!


  10. Hi again Susie! Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions about kitty "litterbox issues." Things seem much better now -- it helps that the cat now lives in a part of the house with stained concrete floors (no carpet to worry about having ruined). No furniture damage in a very long time.

    Hope your week goes well!

  11. Ha ha... A metamorphosis is a metamorphosis!
    Love variety in the posts.
    By the way, My Marine son has not gotten a tatoo yet.... He's still in training at School of Infantry, yet to be deployed.
    Don't know whether he will get one or not, but you know if he does it will be the Eagle Globe and Anchor... :-) thanks for your comment.


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