Thursday, June 25, 2009

ANOTHER complaint!

First it's dark, now College Dude is saying that it has a 'beachy vibe' going on. Okay, so I put my little flamingo collection in there. There are THREE of them, plus a palm tree. There isn't room for the candle and the beany baby doesn't do in the bathroom. And there is not room for Mildred and her lounge chair. so she and Tiffany hang out in the living room on the bookcase.

I don't consider that a 'beachy vibe' particularly as there are no shells, etc. (yet) Maybe I should redo the trim and cabinet white, but Cabinet Man had a cow when I suggested that. Might do it anyway.

So, here are the guys (and girl). Left to right is Jerry, Blanche and George.

Maybe HE should have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express.

Also texted Specialist this is our conversation.

Me: Hey, still got my pink flash drive.
Spc: Yeah. Y?
Me: Can you send it back? CD wants his back.
Spc: Okay.
Me: Be sure and wrap it in something before you drop it in the mail.
Spc: Okay, I'll do it when I get back to Wood.
Me: Oh? Taking a few days? Where r u?
Spc: Tennessee.
Spc: I think.
Me: How do you NOT know what state you are in????
Phone vibrates
Me: Hang on a sec (as I hightail it out of the unemployment office's "no cell phone zone".
Me: Okay. So where are you?
Spc: Tennessee. I was asleep when I got the text so I wasn't sure.
Me: Got a good friend in Memphis who would probably take you to lunch. Where are you going?
Spc: Savannah. A buddy is going to pick up his sister and then we'll swing thru Alabama and pick up his other sister and head back to base.
Me: Okay. Buy me postcards when you make pitstops and send them to me with the flashdrive.
Spc: (laughing) Okay.
Me: I have to get back to the computer. Drive carefully.
Spc: Love ya mom.
Me: Love you too.
Go back into unemployment office. muttering, "sleep is the ONLY acceptable reason for not knowing what state you are in."

Geez. Kids.

PS: Lampy, I'm still trying to get the pic/link working. Ladies, is their blog. Go visit. You'll be glad that you did.

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