Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dresser Party at Pretty Organized Palace

Well, stumbling around at other blogs, I ran across another party. And since I managed to find a CD of furniture pics yesterday, I'll play!

My FIL made a dresser for one of his boys at least 35 years ago. We received it around 20 years ago, give or take. It was just paneled, stained....green maybe? Antique-y sorta. Anyway, as Snickerdoodle was going to use it, I decided to paint it white. I was forgiven by MIL for painting it. Geez, it was for HER granddaughter...anyway. A few years later my older sister came up from Houston for a visit (ended up staying a month :D) We decided to work on Snickerdoodle's room. I'd made a pretty valance and cornice for the window, white metal daybed with pale green comforter on it and the white dresser. That needed work. So we dug through all my Mary Englebreit stuff, she had brought some of mom's old calendar up, and we bought a few cards. Extensive cutting out ensued (mostly by me) as I cannot paint. My older sister sure can, or rather could until her rheumatoid arthritis got the better of her. She sure could paint and draw. She still quilts and designs patterns. So, here it is. Probably 14 years later and I still love it. Needs to be touched up a little but it's still perfect to me.

I still think that I'll try to make some pretty drawer pulls for it. My MIL is not big on 'folk art' and wasn't impressed. I still don't think she likes it. She prefers the Masters and to each his own. I like some of the "Masters" but what makes them Masters? Their use of color and light? Their ability draw you in? I consider someone a Master if I can get lost in their pictures, am drawn to make up my own story or search out more of their art. But I also like certain types of folk art, and that is what I consider ME style to be. Folk Art. There is an innocence and a joy that I have seldom seen in the Masters...and what good is art if it doesn't evoke some sort of feeling inside or draw out an emotion. ME's art makes me smile. Plain and simple. And if that is not 'great art', then I question your definition of art. Her style is instantly recognizable and draws you in. I enjoy finding different things in it each time. And for the record, I was in a consignment shop that I frequented and I'd become friends of sorts with the owner. I was excited about the dresser (and an occasional table and bedside table that we had done) and took in pics. She offered me $600 on the spot for it...said she could probably sell it for $1000. I was quite surprised. I couldn't see paying a thousand for it, but this was the time when extravagant, over the top nurseries were taking off, so maybe she could. She was interested to see if we would do a glider rocker and ottoman set...but sheesh. There isn't enough money for the amount of work that went into it...and it was the shared time, the fun we had, the memories we made...and the heirloom. I've decided when my time comes...take the bottoms out of all the drawers and fold my legs up. I want to be buried in it ;D


  1. I love M.E. I have a bunch of her file folders that I use to stash bills and stuff in -- brings a "bit o cheer" to a cheerless task. Dresser is adorable!
    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always great to meet a new online buddy.

  2. I LOVE the dresser! It really is cheerful and pretty!

  3. I love that dresser!! Hey Lulu and Daisy have darling drawer pulls on their website.
    Go to handpainted gifts. You might see some cute ideas for drawer pulls. They would fit perfectly with your ME dresser!!

  4. I like ME, she has that touch of whimsy and also that little bit of naughtiness in some of her characters that appeals to the childish rebel inside of me!


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