Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've had a complaint

From College Dude. The bathroom is darker. Okay, I need to change out the bulbs in there and yes it is darker. But seriously, you are a male college student who rolls out of bed, has breakfast, brushes your teeth and you are gone. The ONLY time you are in that bathroom is when you are brushing your teeth. I'm not convinced that you are ALLOWED to complain about it.


I'm going to have to put a layer of a clear coat on the seems to want to rub off, But maybe that's just me. I got the cabinet doors put back on last night. I wish I could figure out an angle to take a picture of it...the size, the door placement and the hallway conspire to keep me from taking a picture. Or a decent one. I can get the towel rack, dog's water bowl and wall, or I can get the toilet, corner of the cabinet and wall.


  1. ummm...yeah, I don't think he gets to complain! Too funny. I have the same dilema about photographing my teeny tiny bathroom. I can never get it right.

    Oh, and by the way...your profile pic is HILARIOUS!


  2. just take a whole bunch of 'em so i can see!

    smiles, bee

  3. Miss Bee, your wish is my command.


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