Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Job applications

Sent out a few this week (between painting sessions!), and remembered that we have a pretty big hospital system here...should I apply? Or not?

See, several years ago when my contract position at GE expired, I applied for two jobs at the hospital. I was turned down (yeah, I know, unbelievable!) So I got the boilerplate letter in the mail, thanks but no thanks. I tossed it. Two days later I got the SAME letter for the SAME position...again. I tossed it. Over the next week, I got 5 more copies of the same letter for the same position. Okay, I get the message. I didn't get the job. You apparently think that I need to be told repeatedly in order to drill it into my brain that I am not worthy of being employed by the hospital system. Okay, I get it.

When the last letter arrived, I decided to Take Action. I pulled up the hospital website and found the HR administrator. I addressed a new letter to him, remarking that yes, I understood that they were not hiring me for that position, but it seemed to me that they needed someone who could work with IT and make sure that sort of careless mistake didn't happen again. A couple of copies could be written off to a simple error, but 7 or 8 letters over the course of a week? That's carelessness (or at the very least, lack of communication with IT and sloppiness.

And no, I never heard back from him, but it was a very witty and charming letter. I let hubby read it and he howled. Now, if I can just find the letter from a former was a refusal of a refusal letter...I'm sorry, but I have received so many refusals that I find it necessary to refuse one of them. I'll be there for work on Monday. I'll find it was a very funny letter.

Off to the unemployment office tomorrow to make sure they got everything!

Oh yeah. I messed up the Praying for David button, but Lamp Tramp told me how to fix it. I'll do that in the AM...light came in our bedroom window starting at 4:30 this morning AND the birds started yelling at the tops of their little leather lungs...and we don't have trees in the back where our bedroom is! Does anyone know if they make a silencer for a shotgun?

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  1. did you ever see the seinfeld episode where george just showed up for work and announced that he was starting there that day? that's what you should do at the hospital, they sound like they'd never know the difference. oh, and give yourself a raise while you are at it...

    smiles, bee


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