Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grumble, grumble, neighbor, grumble

Can someone please explain to me why it is okay for the neighbor's kid to come into my house to play with Sunshine, but it is NOT okay for them to play inside her house?

It's been a pattern for years and I've not paid a lot of attention to it, but it's annoying me now. 'H' is a nice little girl, bit spoiled as she is the youngest and only girl and a several years younger than her brothers, similar to our house, but here the next one up is a sister, then brother, then brother.

But there a real reason they cannot play indoors over there? EVER? Even when it is snowing and 25 degrees? I don't mind letting kids play over here, I'm much more amenable to it here because if they DO run in and out of the house, we hardly use the A/C until July, so my bills are not sky high as they were in Texas when they ran in and out (or tried to). They have to clean up before they leave and I am not above going and fetching her to clean up. And I ask Sunshine when she comes home if she helped clean up their mess.

But come on....your oldest brother is sleeping in because of prom the night before and he didn't get in until 3. So? If he was in that late, chances are he's not going to hear you. And they are usually very lame excuses (at least to another adult)I don't let them play over here if I've got a migraine, am trying to clean or having an "Eeyore' day, but still...there is not another house that she is not welcome at to come inside and play. I honestly hate to limit their playing or their playing indoors, but when I was a kid (in the Dark Ages), there were some homes that we wanted to play inside and other homes outside, but I can't think of any particular home where we were NOT allowed to play inside, ever. And it's not like they are particularly loud games...those go outside.

Okay, I guess I am just a real cranky pants about it.

Oh well.


  1. That is odd but honestly I'd rather have them play in my house so I know what's going on. Obviously something is odd at that other home and I wouldn't want my kid there any way. Besides to be frank, these days you just never know about people!


  2. Mauela, I can count on you to make sense ;D She does have another friend's house that she'll spend hours at if I let her. I try not to impose and have them play over here. Guess it all depends on the parent.

    Thanks my dear!


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