Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm an economic statistic--starting Thursday

Well, I got the news on Friday noon that I won't have a job after Thursday. Oh well. Rather suspected it was coming as our office has outgoing costs/expenses and we're not bringing anything in. We do state road and highway construction. Few jobs out there but not very bid ones and heavy competition. VERY heavy competition.

So much for the stimulus creating/saving new jobs. I'm in an industry that it is supposed to stimulate. My boss predicted in February that the money would not be there until the end of the year at the very (unlikely) earliest. The reality of it would be 18-24 months. He might not have a job after November/December, when the current job in WY is finished.

We do have enough work coming in that we'll be okay this summer. We can get work done on Cabinet Man's website and get his portfolio up to his exacting taste and standards. I'll see what temp work I can dig up and job hunt. But this will give me some summer time with Sunshine (she's been very clingy lately). Hm. I have no excuse not to get the two chests and armoire done, do I? Or get the den and bedroom painted. Wait, maybe not painted as I am not sure I want to spend the money on paint now.

In the meantime, I'll collect all my stuff from work, job hunt on the computer there (with my boss' blessing) But it sucks all the way around.

Think I'll have to write a letter and tell The Big Guy that his stimulus isn't working...I hate unemployment. And the articles like this that I see...just annoy me no end.,0,7581684.story It's great that some people have stupendous severance packages, trust funds or can live off mommy and daddy. But all mommy and daddy's money went with his last illness 19 years ago, the lawyers ended up with what could have been a trust fun, no spectacular severance package for support staff. And I've been thinking it over since I read the article and I'm not jealous...I'm more puzzled that there is such a lack of work ethic out there. But I should be surprised. I can't see that the president has any kind of work ethic and these are the kids that voted for him.

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