Monday, June 22, 2009

Paint coat number TWO!

Okay, finished painting the bathroom with its second coat. Turned out I had another half gallon of paint out in the garage that was really close in I dumped more white into it to stretch it a little more and water to thin it a bit...BACK up onto the countertop, toilet and a chair I dragged in there to do the bit around the wallpaper border AGAIN! For some reason it went faster this time. And do you know that if you use an 8" roller instead of a 4" can get finished a LOT faster? I still had the 4" for around the trim and tight corners and that little bit between the 'incutting' of the border and the big roller stuff. Just to make sure. But I got the switchplates back up and I'll add the doors back on the cabinet and the mirror back on it. Then it is done.

And I have realized that I need a new rug in there. After pondering for a day or so, what I need is one of those old chenille ones...maybe 60s or so? They look almost cut out with a design around them. I know the one I my mind...not sure if it exists.

It's really the bathroom for College Dude and Cabinet Man. Their toothbrushes are in there, etc. I never use it, guests do and Sunshine does. So I need to find a few hand towels for there...maybe just fingertip. We use paper towels in the half bath and kids' bathroom when school starts again...turns out it is more hygienic...I tried it a few years ago and we seem to have fewer colds. Admittedly, everyone but me had the flu this year, but that I consider that a fluke. The girls are in a school of 650 K-12 and CD is, well, in's a big school but still...CM got it from the girls. I washed obsessively.

These pics are the two in that bath. The watercolor print is Paula Vaughn...might end up in our room when I redo that. The other is an enamel on copper that was a wedding gift. I don't really like it in there, but we'll see. I love the pic. CM's uncle owned an art gallery in San Antonio years ago and this was from there. It is still one of my favorite things we have. And I have the same problems photographing something with glass on it that everyone else does.

Well, that is today's stuff. No huge metamorphosis so I won't like to Susan's posts, but I do wish I'd taken a pic of the front porch. The wicker chair, bistro chair and plant stand are painted white, the door is done and the storm door done (for now). I really want a wooden screen door to go on there...guess I need to hit the ReSource store on the north side. I'll do that when I go back to the office to get the other antique dresser and the other wicker chair. The armoire is just going to have to wait til I get SOMETHING out of the garage!

I also dropped Sunshine off at a slumber party tonight and tomorrow when I pick her up, she's going to know everything! She's staying at a Holiday Inn Express! Yep, 5 9 YOs, one mom, tons of snacks to have a slumber party. ONE huge king size bed, another 'side' room with a wall to the ceiling and no door and a set of bunks inside...inside pool with a slide, breakfast on them...what a GREAT idea! But she is going to know everything ;D


  1. Bathroom painting...sounds familar! You like how it turned out? Love the pictures.
    Sounds like a sleepless night at that Holiday Inn Express but sooo much fun for the girls!
    Thanks for putting "David's" button on your blog. It doesn't work right, long story. but if you save the picture only, go back to your settings, delete what you got in there. Then add the picture and hyperlink her blog address with picture:

    that's how I got mine to work right. Sounds like a lot of work but it isn't really!

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh I can see the exact rug in my mind! Your next stop should be ebay! :)

  3. THANK you! Hubby looked at me like I'd lost my mind...he just didn't see it...and that's unusual.

    Yeah, I'm haunting there...problem is to refrain from buying the other ones I see there....and I've had a complaint that it's darker in that bathroom...


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