Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hurt.

This is why. I used an artist's brush.

I wanted to paint our half bath that hubby and College Dude use. I like the wallpaper border in there and didn't want to take it down. Besides, taking it down meant that I'd have to find something else for up there...and spend money and I didn't want to do that. I have no idea what to call the paint color, other than it is lighter than what I used on the front door. I think. Anyway, it only took a quart...roughly. I do need to take the few drops left down and have someone mix a pint (or maybe a quart) for me of it. It's been years since the walls in this house have been painted so it soaked up a lot. But touching up is no problem. We've got a humid (for us) weekend, so I'll let it sit til Monday.

Did I mention that I also used a 4" roller? Yeah. We're one vehicle right now and while normally that isn't a problem, Cabinet Man was onsite yesterday, so I couldn't dash over to the shop and take it. I KNOW that somewhere in the garage is a frame for an 8" roller. I saw it last week. Trim was taped off, mirror removed, etc. and I went to grab the roller and frame. Roller in my hand and I can't find the frame! Anywhere. I know it's there.

Have I also mentioned that I'm not real crazy about the fall and spring color combos of brown and blue? Guess what color my bathroom is. Yeah. I still might go back and do the cabinets/trim in white, but rather doubt it. The trim around the house inside is plastic, wood-grain stained an dark oak. I think it's supposed to be oak. Maybe it's just a pretend wood color. So he wanted it to not be too different from the rest of the house. Hey, he really doesn't ask much and let's me pretty much do whatever I want around here decor wise so....that's okay.

I'm going to take more ibuprofen...and read. Too humid to paint or anything today.


  1. Hello Colorado Girl !
    I have been painting today too but, with spray spraying finger hurts and it is the color black....I can't find my hubbys rubber gloves...It sure is humid....I think I might have told you I live in Waverly, North/west of Wellington....Anyway someday we will have some dry days. Also, you asked about the clipboards I made....they are really easy.
    Buy a clipboard, cut out a piece of paper as a pattern (cut it around the metal part) trace onto scrapbook paper and cut out. Then modge podge the scrap paper to the clipboard. Also modge podge a couple of layers on top -drying in between, hot glue a cute ribbon to the metal clip and you are done ! You can also sandpaper the edges of the scrapbook paper to give it a softer edge......Have fun !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. Ouch!!

    Thanks for the visit. :) A picture of the ring is a good idea. ;)

  3. Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)
    hope you feel well soon!!!

  4. Wow and OMG...what an amazing paint job! Also I was blown away from the earlier posts about painting dressers, etc. You are a whirlwind of paintin....could you come to my home and transform furniture for me?

    Thanks for supporting Liz & David, they appreciate the comments!


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