Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But I'm 18.......

We dropped by a local watering hole/restaurant last night...Cabinet Man, Snickerdoodle, Sunshine and me. The hostess escorted us to our booth, handed out menus, specials and children's menus...to both girls. Snickerdoodle looked up at her and asked for an regular menu. Flustered the hostess a bit...she tried to make up for it by telling Snicker that she still colors on them...a very small, pitiful voice came out of Snicker..."but I'm 18"....I'm not sure who I felt more sorry for...the hostess or Snicker as we were laughing so hard. Admittedly she only looks about 15 or so...except for the photos she sent to Specialist...he showed a barracks buddy.

Specialist is hoping to come home on leave in May...Sunshine is excited about it. He'll potentially bring a buddy with him...which is fine. I told him to remind his buddy that they are all welcome, with or without him. But my daughters are still in school....and their daddy is protective. 'nuff said :D

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  1. Love this - I get that all the time. So! Frustrating! Send Snickerdoodle my love and sympathy -


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