Monday, March 16, 2009

New phone out/old phone back...and a cheap Met Monday

Okay, as cool as the Blitz was, it went back to the store and I'm back to the Razr for now. Blitz is just for someone who texts more than talks (as IF!). I loved the compact size...that was wonderful. But the buttons on the side get in the way when talking on it and let's be many pics of the inside of one's ear do you need? I mean, it's dark in there and a little scary....and it gets really old deleting them time after time....

And here is my so sad first Met Monday ;D I used the last of my coffee at work this AM (I drink decaf) so I told my boss I needed more. Woohoo! They buy my coffee, creamer and could be worse. Of course, I do bring in my little 4 cup coffee maker on Mondays and take it home on Fridays...until I stir myself and get another one. Anyway, last time I ran out, one of the sweeties working here bought regular and I drank it anyway. But boss picked up Dunkin' Donuts Decaf for me today at lunch. Since I needed to reuse the Folger's container (until I find a pretty little airtight one for here)...I used what I had...and some scotch tape.

It pales in glory next to the wonderful other posts...but I thought you might enjoy the Monday giggle.


  1.'re too funny! You might have a new design here for Dunkin Donuts! :-)
    I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry Pearl a few months back and am still trying to figure it out. Even a support person at my phone company told me she hated her own Blackberry for the first 3 months...that made me feel a little better. What was I thinking??? Thanks for bringing some humor to Met Monday this week! :-)Susan

  2. I did giggle!!! Thanks, I needed that.

  3. This is pretty funny. I think it was a great idea. LOLOLOL! The Dunkin Donuts' bag is so much prettier with their orange and pink and all.

  4. You give meaning to "bloom where you are planted"! :)

  5. I love your MM. I needed a good laugh and that looks like a great new container for Dunkin. Maybe they'll copy it. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hello I love your music and all the blogs.
    I am new to the computer and trying to teach myself how to blog.
    thanks for being so helpful


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