Monday, March 30, 2009

Exhibitor's Mall Giveaway/Gollum's Giveaway

They are having a giveaway...and what lovely stuff they have there. And, of course, with those yummy cupcakes? They are in Washington State and I'm not...pout, sulk. Hey, it's Monday, I'm allowed....

Guess it is too far for quiche and salad tomorrow...or a cupcake today....yeah, more pouting and sulking.

Here's their site:

And the lovely Gollum (how can I miss a blog on food???) is also giving away a lovely crystal sconce....would that look amazing in our bedroom if I ever get it to looking like something other than a mess??? (sigh) And those silk buffalo plaid drapes? Gorgeous!

This is not the giveaway, but doesn't this look like a gorgeous old earring???? Granted it would be for a giant but still......


  1. I love contests.. but I love winning old stuff... not the shiny and new.. LOL

    loved your comments on my HEB post... I purposefully avoided the H.E. Butts thing... too many possibilities for "comments" from readers... ;)

    Wolf brand chili huh... I didn't show it, but I bought 2-cans for Ricky on my shopping trip. We keep it around for drowning hotdogs in when eating a chili dogs and loading on fritos with cheese... for Frito Pie... good ole Texas stuff...

    if you send me your address... I'll send you a can... with or without beans?

    Texas blessings. Dixie

  2. Susan... just a note to say I haven't forgotten you... I've been gathering a few Texas things to send along with your Wolf's chili... you "Texas Care Package" will go out in Monday's mail... hope you enjoy!
    blessings. Dixie


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