Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi Daddy

Well, it's been 19 years now that you've been gone. We've missed you so much and you've also missed seeing so much in person. You've missed your two youngest'd get such a kick out of them. Snickerdoodle showed up the next January. She told me repeatedly that she was not a 'girly girl' but she wanted to wear dresses and have a pink bedroom. Go figure. Her best friend in pre-k was black and she loved the way her friend wore her hair. She wanted braids but her hair was way too I just bought barrettes and made a bunch of little ponytails. They clicked when she shook her head. You would have loved the picture They were both just delighted at her hair....and the cafeteria ladies thought it was so funny. That helped the next year when they told me that was had been fencing in the cafeteria with a little boy at lunch. I rather surprised them when I just wanted to know who won.

Then you missed Timothy. Or really, you didn't miss him, but we have missed him. I hope that you have enjoyed him and had a good time. I will admit that I've been very jealous of the time that you've gotten to share with him. Tell him Happy Birthday for us.

Cabinet Man started a custom cabinetry and furniture business. We've wished at times that you were around to do sales for us. We figure 4 months of you doing sales every and everyone in the US would have our custom cabinets and furniture ;D

You'd be quite proud of Specialist....he enlisted in the Army and is doing very well. He has plans for a career, but you'd not be very happy with the CIC and Specialist is going to see how it goes. But since he and your other 'grandson' plan to run the military, then the world, I am sure that it will work out. College Dude has your build at his age...he's taller but just as thin. The girls are really something, combination of us both, but I see you in them also...actually in all the kids. They have your sense of humor--in self-defense and they love puns and wordplays. Snickerdoodle LOVES Clint Eastwood movies and they all love westerns.

We miss you a lot, especially mom, but we'll see you again. All our love, Susie

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  1. That was a lovely letter to your dad. My dad is still with us, but failing yearly and It is hard to imagine him not around when the time comes.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. come again as I will to yours.


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