Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's teleprompter

I was listening to Rush yesterday and he had a series of questions for Obama's teleprompter. The man cannot give any speech or talk without his teleprompter. It is even in use when he speaks on the phone. I guess it is so he can appear to be looking up and over into the distance when the official photogs take his picture. No, I don't like the man and I am extremely concerned about the direction in which he is 'leading' our nation. Yes, it got started back with the first bailout and I cannot for the LIFE of me, figure out what President Bush was thinking! I like and admire him, but I also admit to be seriously disappointed in him at the end of his second term. But the current president is scary and his administration is a huge mess. However, here is the link to the teleprompter's blog. The author of it is absolutely brilliant in taking the opportunity and running with it. Absolute stroke of genius. It will be added to my blog list and my list of 'daily reads' (which is growing daily).

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