Monday, March 30, 2009

Now it has gone too far

Had to stop into Wallyworld this AM and get a sympathy card for a friend and some redhots for the week....passing by the fabric department. Why in the world do we need polar fleece with Obama's face on it? Emblazoned across it was his image and 44th President, and other stuff that I didn't bother to read, but come ON! Is that really necessary??? And who would BUY it? Obviously, I'm not a fan of his in the least, but since when did we start prostituting the image and decorum of the Office of the President? Oh yeah....back in January.

Geez, talk about a rotten start to a Monday.........


  1. Hi there, That is funny, and your right who would want his face or anybody's face on anything for that matter, not my style!

    Here's hoping for a better Monday for you-


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