Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maison Douce giveaway & a Goodwill trip.

Maison Douce is having a giveaway. I don't feel too badly about giving myself more competition for it 'cause hey, this is still a really tiny blog that my family doesn't even know about! Heh, heh. That way I can talk about them all I want.

Anyway, it is in honor of her 100th post..and she has the loveliest goodies in it. Isable was born in Portugal of German Jewish descent. She's lived in Portugal, England and Morocco, but now they live in Oregon. Anyway, she's got a lovely triple threat giveaway. but drop by and see her, she has some lovely finds...and lots of fun. So drop by, you will NOT regret it.

I stopped by Goodwill last night on the way home from work. I had the truck and some time ;D. So I got a new bedspread for our bed, several pieces of silver, 3 flatware knives, and several white or cream colored plates. I also found a lovely wooden headboard and footboard...I called Cabinet Man and verified the measurements of the width of our bed...then measured the frame. Hmmmm. Saturday is 50% off, opening at 8AM. So I convinced CB to go over there as soon as it opened so he could check it out. Sturdy shape...goodie. Finish on it is still good, but I want to paint it white. I think he can do it at the shop next weekend. My plan for this summer is to decide on a color for the walls in our bedroom (which might take until September!) put the bedframe together and get the plates on the wall. And figure out a window treatment thanks to Nester. Honestly, I'm thinking about using a battenburg shower curtain to do a treatment ala Nester. Not sure though. But I also grabbed a little embroidered bureau scarf (I think) and an embroidered hanky. AND 4 barstools for $5 each! Oh yeah, and that silver tray.

The silver was tarnished and, of course, no silver polish to be had. So, couple of strips of foil in the sink, sprinkle baking soda over it, put the silver pieces in it and pour boiling water over it. Tarnish transfers from silver to the foil...and the foil looks so cool.

I'll post pics of the bedframe before and after and a few others things. I have GOT to find a new camera connector. My cell just does NOT take good pics...and I still have to decide on a new cell...I refuse to have one like Cabinet Guy and College Dude.

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  1. i love the goodwill stores! so many treasures. i have a lovely old oval frame that now has a photo of me in it as a child but the lady (in pearls) is behind me because i could not throw her away!

    smiles, bee


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