Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime Playdoh and new phone

Are these not the YUMMIEST colors for play doh? We hit Tar-jay yesterday after our trip to B&N (what is it that they have decided people don't want to sit and browse any more?). Snickerdoodle needed a new blow dryer (pink!) and, of course, it doesn't have a diffuser, so I have to A) get a diffuser; or B) get a new blowdryer of my own. For now, it's the diffuser. Although I did find one that is a diffuser, no, NO! Weather is warming up now and if you didn't use one when it was -5 outside, then you don't need one now. Sheesh! Now behave. Besides, if you don't get a blowdryer, that is another $15 to spend at Goodwill!

Okay, after being hounded for months that it is time to upgrade my phone, I went to do it. Fine, picked out a Blue Blitz...and unless your life is governed by texting...don't. Great compact size, great camera...but if you try to actually TALK on it and use it as a phone, the buttons on the side get in the way and you are taking a picture of the inside of your ear. I mean, yuck! it's clean but dark in there! Or you are turning on the music. Or something else. So back to the store it goes, I'll have my Razr turned on again and find something else. Or maybe I'll just continue to use the Raze and just get an wired earpiece. Had a bluetooth and loved it, but the family hated it as they couldn't tell who I was talking let's just get the cord and they can look for that.

Monday but a better day...lots of phone calls, people are relatively nice (and thank you for the voicemail in English AND Spanish..well done. And drop by the lovely transformations at Between Naps on the Porch She has Metamorphosis Monday going one...and I didn't post 'cause I don't have any BEFORE pics....maybe next week.


  1. I love playdoh! My kids are older now, so I wonder if I can get away with buying a can for myself? :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by Our Scented Cottage and for the great tip on salt!! I'll give that a try.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I haven't seen those new colors...ohhhhh gotta go shopping!

  4. what I need is an indestructable phone! I've driven over them and dropped them in the toilet.....rather inconvenient, if I do say so myself :)

  5. My child is about to go off to college, but we both love playdoh.......gotta go get some for our Easter baskets. Mr. E. Bunny visits our house no matter how old we get. :D

    Happy Saturday!

  6. You WON!! Please stop by and email me the info I need. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  7. Play Doh was always a favorite of my kids. :)


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