Sunday, March 8, 2009

Window mistreatments

Yesterday was a grumpy day. I'm not talking Eeyore or Rabbit grumpy, I'm talking full-fledged, I'm a PITA grump. Snickerdoodle and Cabinet Man left to drop Sunshine off at a BD party. I took down the crap that was covering the den windows and went grabbed a dropcloth that I found in the garage. I'd bought hardware tacks earlier in the week and some curtain clip thingies. I grabbed the valance from the battenberg shower curtain and put it up over the window in the kitchen. Easy and cute. I was tired of the old one. Then I called College Dude down and requested that he help me get the curtain rod down. Then to hold or nail in the hardware tacks. This took some time and I wasn't in quite as bad a mood as the room looked SO much better. Now I have to clean those windows.

Then I grabbed the valance that I made years ago for Sunshine's room, washed and then ironed it. It was fraying so I just ironed it and smoothed down the edges so it would be okay. Took it up to Sunshine's room, grabbed the hammer and the white hardware tacks that I had bought. About 30 minutes, some fluffing and stuff later, I had it done. I'm very happy with it. Shame that it took so long to get done but I can get the other rooms done over the next month. So far it has cost me less than a dollar per window!

I wish I could take credit for such an amazing idea but, alas, the idea came from The Nesting Place, aka The Nester. She is BRILLIANT! And funny too. Between Nester and Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, and The Inspired Room and Cindy at My Romantic Home and too many others to list, I am finally getting out of the 'we are only renting so I won't bother' mindset. I want this to be a home, a place where we can get away from everything. Still don't know what color I'll paint the front neighbor across the street dislikes red doors, so out of respect for her sensibilities (even if they are lousy neighbors) I'll try to find something else. Depends on what shows up at the dump. I can always just paint it glossy black. Also depends on what color the landlord paints the house. I also want to put a wooden screen up there too. I love the sound of a "slammin' screen door"....brings back memories of trips to visit my grandmother and the cousins running out the door....'Stop slamming that door!' after EACH cousin ran out the door.

So, I'll do what I can inside for the windows and then I can concentrate on fixing our bedroom.

Well, it's not letting me post pics, so I have to scout around and figure out what to do...annoying to say the least!

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  1. HI Susie,
    Thanks for the tip I just linked my window treatment blog to Nester's.

    Happy decorating!


    PS Love the tunes!


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